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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
December 2023 | 1 minute

With the future, innovation and constant improvement as its main working tools, pharmaceutical company Perrigo is committed to providing its employees with a spacious and comfortable work place, which favours communication.. A space with around 80 workstations which, following the arrival and consolidation of teleworking with the pandemic, functions mainly as a meeting place for teams and with clients.

Years after the design of the new offices on an entire floor of a building in Sant Cugat, and after several reforms, the pharmaceutical company has once again placed its trust in the Denys & Von Arend studio for a new intervention in which Actiu has also participated, furnishing some of its spaces. Denys and Von Arend for a new intervention in which Actiu has also participated, furnishing some of its spaces.

In line with the company's philosophy, the project provides open workspaces, spaciousness, clarity and connection, through the creation of a large open space area for operational positionsThe project provides a large open space area for operational positions, an area with meeting rooms and various spaces suitable for meetings of different formats. With a consolidated team and a non-hierarchical organisation, there is only one office in the office, the general manager's office, which is sometimes used as a meeting room when he is not there.

A reception with pure lines, with grey and white walls and counter, and a wooden floor that provides resistance to traffic and visual warmth, welcomes workers and visitors.

For the work centre we have opted for an open space concept. open spaceconcept, a large open-plan work area where walls have been eliminated in order to communication between departments and generate a more comfortable and operative space

The Vital Plus ST table is combined with TNK Flex chairs with arms, with structure and base also in white, a colour that contrasts with the high-strength flooring in grey and the corporate blue, and provides technology, cleanliness and luminosity.

At the back of this large workroom, several areas have been created to allow workers to areas so that workers can have areas for disconnection and others designed for small meetings or informal and others designed for small meetings or informal conversations that require a certain amount of privacy without the need for dividing doors. For this purpose, open and closed Phone booths of various sizes are used, as well as glass partitions for team or committee meetings.

"By reducing the floor plan, we wanted to have closed meeting areas and, at the same time, a large open area for events and presentations", say the interior designers.To achieve this, the interior designers have chosen to install movable panels that allow three rooms to be created, or a single room linked to the office when more space is needed.  

To facilitate change and versatility, these flexible spaces have been equipped with the Trama folding and mobile table, accompanied by the stackable, lightweight and multi-configurable Urban chair.

One of the key elements is the office, which is conceived as another space for informal meetings, with a fresh and welcoming interior design that invites relaxed team bonding. A tall, elongated table with stools and low tables with versatile, stackable chairs. Wing chairs rest on a casual floor with geometric shapes in a double shade of green, and hanging lamps made of natural cane further enhance the relaxed atmosphere of this space. 

"The workers feel very comfortable in the office area, which, although connected to the offices, provides a large, pleasant and very bright space", emphasise Denys & Vries.Denys and Von Arend emphasise.

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