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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
CRO (Clinical Research Organization)
December 2021 | 3 minutes

To stand out in an industry as competitive and tough as the clinical research, this Swiss company with offices around the world has undertaken to provide the best work experience to its employees, so that they can then, in turn, offer the best service to its customers. Its work philosophy, which is clear, functional and based on direct communication, has been translated into a design with clean and open shapes, minimalist colours and exposed installations in its new offices in Warsaw.

Located in a fast-growing commercial area of the Polish capital, the offices occupy five floors of a building built in 2019 and shared with other companies. A space that was delivered in a "raw" state, with only the shell of the facade and the vertical access core, which the real estate team of the pharmaceutical company has aesthetically and technically refurbished.

The firm turned to Actiu, a company it has already worked with on previous occasions, to furnish a space divided up into private offices for between one and six employees, flexible workstations and areas for meetings, interaction and cooperation with which the brand's firm commitment to teamwork and a collective mindset is materialised.

Considered essential when it comes to ensuring the well-being and efficiency of a team made up of around 140 people of different ages, the workstations have been designed to provide maximum comfort. All of them are located in well-lit areas, bathed by sunlight that filters through the glass facades and with relaxing colours to enhance the team's concentration. 

To prevent there from being differences between the areas, the workstations have been furnished identically, with versatile Vital Plus 300 desks, with a black structure, a melamine table top in a chestnut finish with a cover for wires and screens to protect people's privacy; and ergonomic TNK Flex office chairs with a responsive backrest based on user interaction and a comfortable headrest.

All the stations have their own storage in the movable bucks located under the desks and modular cabinets distributed throughout the space. Both incorporate a second function in addition to storage: the first, which can be used as comfortable seats for impromptu collaborations or a quick consultation; and the latter, as room dividers with wooden planters on top.

Prisma tables and Noom chairs give the "official" meeting room a warm and at the same time very elegant feel. With minimalist lines, a black structure and a melamine table top in a chestnut finish, the Prisma table goes perfectly with the comfortable Noom 30 armchairs, whose comfort allows long meetings to take place.

The rest of the "unofficial" meeting spaces are carefully distributed throughout the space to encourage communication and the exchange of ideas between workers. Through models such as the versatile Bend soft seating, the Longo modular system, the iconic Badminton lounge seating, the Noom 20 armchair, the Tabula table or the Whass chairs and stools, environments halfway between the office and contract or restaurant spaces are recreated, tinted with a more playful and cheerful colour range, inviting workers to sit back and relax.

As for the presentation or event room, the Wing chair has been chosen in black and with an upholstered seat for greater comfort. Its ability to be stacked, which allows up to sixteen chairs to be placed on a trolley, makes it easy to change the layout of a room, which has been designed to be very versatile to accommodate different uses.

“Employees enjoy coming into the new office”, say the company managers, highlighting how workers appreciate the comfort of the workstations, as well as the possibility to talk and exchange experiences offered by the more conventional meeting rooms, as well as the "unofficial" rooms or the kitchen and office areas.

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