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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Potencia y Control
May 2021 | 4 minutes

Potencia y control, the business group founded in 1989 in Valladolid that specialises in the electricity sector, has relied on Actiu and its Spacio furniture and task seating to furnish its new headquarters. The company has moved from a building on a narrow street with significant logistical constraints in the San Cristóbal industrial estate in Valladolid to another space in the same industrial estate that is much more in line with its work philosophy. On a large plot for its exclusive use, the new headquarters have been designed to respond to the needs of a company in continuous evolution.

Designed to convey the values of the brand both externally and internally, the new building stands out for its use of technological materials and functional spaces, as well as for its environmentally conscious design and an ethical use of natural resources such as electricity and water. Together, all these elements create an environment with a neutral, spacious and well-lit appearance and muffled acoustics, which boosts the comfort of the entire team and translates into greater productivity.

Distributed across four floors organised around a large patio whose access is dominated by a sculpturesque staircase, the interior is filled with open common spaces that promote communication, with only the offices and a few private meeting areas in closed rooms.

As the company's best form of advertisement, the entrance and reception area on the ground floor have been designed to be friendly and welcoming, with a counter accompanied by the versatile Stay chair and modular support cabinets behind it for storage. 

Next to the counter and with the brand's corporate green, a waiting room welcomes clients and visitors in a space furnished with comfortable Noom armchairs and low Tábula tables. Both convey a feeling of well-being and humanise a space lined with austere materials, with exposed concrete walls and corrugated sheet metal as a reference to the company's industrial character.

Once on the first floor and with another concrete wall in sight, a second waiting area offers seating in a space designed for communication and well-being. Longo armchairs with the company's corporate green, a table from the same range and an On Time storage system with wheels build a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which offers views over the work area.

To generate unity and promote collaboration and teamwork, the workstations occupy two open-plan areas separated by the patio, with Vital Plus tables equipped with screens to offer privacy and create an individual workspace, along with ergonomic Stay chairs. In addition to the pedestals with wheels under the tables for personal use by workers, there are other low modular storage units that also offer storage.

Small glass boxes interspersed between the workstations allow for informal meetings or teamwork to take place, without sacrificing any of the natural light and visual connection with the rest of the space. Some are furnished with Tábula meeting tables and Urban Plus meeting chairs, while others have the tall Twist tables and Spacio stools in green, which adapt to the different needs of workers, favouring changes in posture and fostering their health and well-being

In line with the visual continuity that defines the entire project, the offices on this floor have been furnished with the same furniture used in the operational areas and the glass boxes. With Vital Plus tables, Stay office chairs, Urban Plus meeting chairs with arms, modular storage units and pedestals with wheels, these individual and more private work areas are connected to the rest of the spaces through glass walls that let in natural light.

To facilitate movement, the meeting rooms have opted for Urban Plus chairs with wheels and a gas lift, and an ergonomic tilting backrest that guarantees comfort over extended periods of time. A Block storage unit with minimalist and austere lines allows the space to be kept tidy when not in use.

The office has been designed to be open and dynamic, with vertical wooden slat dividers that differentiate the environments. Cool E100 and high Tábula tables, accompanied by lightweight Whass stools, provide a friendly and informal space, which enhances creativity and communication and allows workers to enjoy a moment of disconnection.

With more privacy, the second floor is home to the management team's offices, presided over by elegant Longo desks with abundant storage on the sides and Cron office chairs that add some extra class. All have a small meeting area that on this occasion has been furnished with Tábula tables and comfortable Uma meeting chairs.

In the large multipurpose room, the versatile Talent tables coexist with Noom 50 chairs that add comfort and warmth. The folding character of the tables and the stacking capacity offered by the chairs allows them to easily change the layout and free up space when needed.

The new headquarters represent a huge qualitative leap for Potencia y Control compared to its previous facilities, resolving aspects directly related to the well-being of its workers and the company itself, such as acoustic compartmentalisation, natural lighting or the internal communication of work teams.

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