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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
May 2021 | 4 minutes

In Luxurycomm's new office everything, from the furniture and lighting to the decoration, colours and materials, conveys elegance and serenity. With interior design by Ele Room 62, the space perfectly embodies the work philosophy of this digital strategy company for luxury and premium brands, where teamwork and listening to all its members are two of its fundamental pillars.

Dynamic, contemporary and exclusive, the office responds to the need for more space and the independence of a company that previously shared the third floor of the same building with a team of engineers. Now located on the ground floor, in a space with more personality, more space and more light, it is now in what, until recently, had been a law firm. 

The new layout retains the original reception, meeting room, office and bathrooms, only getting rid of a couple of rooms to make space for an open-plan workroom. In order to maintain the essence of the space, many of the pre-existing classical architectural elements are respected, contrasting with more modern furniture and decoration. Pieces such as the Noom 10 armchair at the entrance, which adds a friendly, elegant and differentiated touch, humanises the space and represents the close, yet exclusive, level of service that Luxurycomm offers its clients.

To equip the office, Luxurycomm turned to Actiu, whose furniture adapts perfectly to the company's needs while enhancing the neutral, clean and homogeneous aesthetics of a space imbued in white, grey, beige and hints of black. 

Divided into two distinct yet connected areas, the open-plan staff room has been designed to foster individual work, communication and the exchange of ideas.

Next to the window, the operative area has been equipped with Prisma desks, with pure, minimalist lines, screens between workstations and access for wiring to keep things organised and visually clean. Functional and light, the low backrest Cron chairs combine high ergonomic performance with a very meticulous design, which moves away from the sometimes overly technical image of office chairs in favour of a warmer and more welcoming aesthetic.

To encourage impromptu meetings between workers and the exchange of ideas, a corner has been sectioned off as a small meeting area. Semi-hidden behind a Cubic bookcase, which provides privacy and, at the same time, offers storage space, once again we have opted for the pure lines of the Prisma table, this time a high version, accompanied by upholstered Noom 40 stools, which humanise the space and give it an informal touch. 

The same Noom 40 stools, now without upholstery for greater functionality and easy cleaning, furnish the kitchen bar, another favourite meeting point for workers to get together and exchange ideas.

The meeting room and office are enveloped in glass planes, which offer privacy without sacrificing the visual connection with the other spaces. To add uniqueness, both have been equipped with tables from the Arkitek range, whose unique design, with its organic and highly contemporary shapes, stands out against the much more classical backdrop of the original architecture, and fits in perfectly with the philosophy of a young company with a strong personality.

With a black structure and rectangular glass top, the Arkitek table is combined in the meeting room with Noom 30 armchairs, designed to foster communication through a design that comfortably accommodates the body for long periods of time.

In the office, the two Arkitek desks have been chosen with a white structure to add lightness and brightness. With a white top and screens for the desk and circular glass for the table reserved for small meetings, their architectural and elegant shape is rounded off with the Noom 30 armchair, equipped with castors to facilitate mobility, and the Cron office chair. The latter, unlike the one used in the staff area, has been chosen with a high backrest for added distinction.

For greater continuity, the entire floor has the same material, with braided PVC tiles with great acoustic properties, very easy to clean and disinfect, and quick to replace. However, in order to differentiate the office and the boardroom from the rest of the spaces, different colours were opted for in both rooms.

Wall coverings on some walls, painted mouldings, textured floors, textiles and leather on seating pieces, along with lacquers combined with wood or glass, enrich, without overloading, a neutral space with a reduced colour palette.

To accommodate the team's storage needs, two different solutions have been chosen, depending on the characteristics of each space. While the staff area has been equipped with functional and restrained white metal cupboards, a Longo cabinet has been chosen for the office, which keeps things organised, without sacrificing aesthetics. 

The abundance of natural light coming through the large windows that open onto the landscaped courtyard is complemented by technical lighting that provides comfort while, at the same time, highlighting the beauty of the space and its finishes. For this purpose, adjustable LED ambient lighting has been combined with directional spotlights to enhance elements and lamps suspended over the work tables that provide direct light.

Timeless, elegant and serene, the new office is designed as the counterpoint to everything that happens at Luxurycomm: a young, dynamic company with its own personality that is constantly evolving, and where new stories are being written every day.

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