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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Utopicus José Abascal
February 2021 | 3 minutes

Utopicus chose one of Madrid´s financial districts, with a wide range of shopping and leisure activities, for its new co-working space in the capital. On the corner of Calle José Abascal and Paseo de la Castellana, the company specialising in flexible space management occupies two of the eight floors of a building owned by Colonial, which has been awarded the BREEAM Very Good Sustainability Certification.

Just like in other Utopicus spaces, the offices have work areas with flexible workstations and private offices, meeting and training rooms, as well as other meeting areas and communal spaces such as the canteen or the Skype booths, ensuring user comfort and a unique design at all times.

Turull Sörensen, the Barcelona-based architecture studio, which had previously collaborated with Utopicus, designed the space inspired by the layout of Istanbul´s archetypal Topkapi Palace. “The biggest challenge was to cram the range of flexible office needs into a large 1,580 m2 space, with two façades, two central inner courtyards and an elevator lobby in the middle”, explain the architects, who, under the motto 'the pleasure of walking and discovering', designed wide corridors that lead to ´squares´.

As places for holding informal meetings, working flexibly, or resting, each ´square´ has its own unique interior design that lives up to its name (´Celebration Room´, ´Red Room´, ´Library´...). Furthermore, and to make these ´squares´ seem more spacious, the reusable formwork system has been left exposed; refurbished and integrated into the colour of each room to give the impression of being high.

Just like in other Utopicus spaces, Actiu equipped the functional and, at the same time, inviting workstations. Here, the ergonomic Stay chair, the flexible and minimalist Vital PRO table and the practical Bucks cabinets were used once again.

Guided by the spirit of its UtopicSchool learning ecosystem, Utopicus is once again going the extra mile with respect to conventional classrooms by incorporating Talent, the foldable and height-adjustable table that doesn´t require an electrical connection, equipped with a wheeled base, which takes centre stage in the ´Grow´ training room. “In Talent, we found the best way to organise the space in different ways: in a U-shape, in rows, creating work groups for co-creation sessions or for standing workshops”, state those who run the space.

To offer the possibility of using desks at different heights, one of the meeting rooms has been equipped with a 1-metre high Prisma table, accompanied by Noom stools. The rectangular Tabula table was also used in communal areas, and the round version with an electrification system in other meeting rooms.

A marked Mediterranean style, where natural fibres, weaving, prints, textures and reclaimed wood prevail, are all over the socialising and relationship-fostering areas. The carpet prints have been exclusively designed for this space, so that the colours used in the corridor always go well with the seat colours.

The abundance of natural light coming in through the two façades is combined with ceiling lighting in the workstations and decorative lamps in the communal areas to ensure that there are different light sources. What´s more, the corridors have their own linear lighting in step with the floors and walls.

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