Dermaten Clinics, Spain


Dermaten, the Clinic specialising in dermatological treatments, has opened a new office with a brand-new image in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its team has moved to a new location, a welcoming space that promotes the well-being of its workers and clients, with furniture that helps build friendlier, more human environments, and tones that respect the brand's corporate colours.

Visible from the street through a glass facade, the reception and waiting area located next to the entrance reflects the image of the clinics. A dynamic and very colourful environment, which fits perfectly with the philosophy of a young team undergoing continuous training.

Taking the brand's corporate colours as a starting point, this open-plan entrance space is divided into several rooms furnished with soft seating ranges from Actiu. You can find the informal and comfortable meeting point next to the facade, with two iconic Badminton armchairs and Bend soft seating modules and tables offering comfortable seating with direct views of the street, along with the large waiting room furnished with Longo seating. With upholstery in different shades and a very dynamic backrest configuration, which sometimes disappears, and other times extends itself in the form of armrests, this system allows for a high degree of customisation.

To achieve Dermaten's exact corporate shades, all the ranges that are used combine Actiu's range of colours with others that have been incorporated especially for this project, such as the striking apple green of the brand's logo.

At the back of the reception area, an Informa reception counter with a personalised front in a special white plywood finish welcomes visitors with messages related to well-being, sustainability, and health.

All the consultation rooms have been furnished in the same way, with pure and minimalist furniture, highlighted by an intermittent splash of colour. In an aseptic white colour with a visual lightness that doesn't call into question its structural robustness, both the Twist tables and the Whass chairs have been selected to broaden the perception of the space and lighten it up

The L-shaped geometry of the Twist tables allows the computer equipment to be placed on the side, eliminating any visual or physical obstacle that could interfere with the consultation between the patient and the doctor. In addition, and to facilitate the clean and organised nature of the offices, they all have modular storage cabinets, crowned by decorative planters that hint at the connection between well-being and nature. 

Against a white and grey backdrop in the consultation rooms, the Cron high-back office chair stands out, dyed in the company's corporate green and adding a touch of casual freshness to its elegant and unique aesthetic.

In the small room used for training sessions or small conferences, the Whass chairs have been selected in the same apple green colour, with armrests and a sled base. With the ability to stack up to 30 units on a cart and 15 in a vertical position, they are perfect for a space that requires quick and easy layout changes, depending on the use and needs at any given time.

By combining neutral tones with interspersed details in the brand's striking corporate green and furniture whose design is light, functional, and very comfortable, the new Dermaten headquarters welcomes its clients in a dynamic and very bright space, true to the work philosophy of its young team.


We will list each of the different products used to bring this project to life.

Modular storage

adapt to your space



reception desks

By Marcelo Alegre


direction and modernity

By Marcelo Alegre


iconic soft seating

By Javier Cuñado


maximum versatility

By Ramos & Bassols


organic dynamism

By Cutu Mazuelos & Eva Prego


contemporary office

By Enrico Frigerio


super-stackable for multipurpose spaces

By Javier Cuñado

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