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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
University Hospital Torrecárdenas
March 2021 | 3 minutes

Actiu's goal in this project for the Torrecárdenas University Hospital in Almería was to safeguard worker well-being through flexible and ergonomic furniture that improves communication, optimises space and increases productivity. Together with its partner Estammetal, Actiu has equipped the new Central Provincial of Purchases of Almería where all the material that arrives in the province is managed.

Originally located in an administration building of the Torrecardenas University Hospital, the Provincial Purchasing Center has been moved to a two-storey warehouse, with the ground floor used for storage and logistics and the upper floor for operational, management and meeting areas. Its three façades open onto the street and the glazing between rooms floods the space with an abundance of natural light.

On a floor that had been previously distributed into three longitudinal strips, Actiu created an environment that integrates spaces for concentration, collaboration and socialising. 'Chill-out areas' for concentration, in the open space workstations and offices; collaboration points, in the meeting rooms and offices; and socialising spaces, in the office and informal meeting areas.

The entrance, equipped with an Informa desk with a perforated sheet metal front panel and glass top, and a comfortable Longo sofa in front of it, gives guests a preview of the space's personality the moment they step foot in it. Minimalist and elegant, its design improves worker comfort, without losing sight of functionality and productivity.

To make the most of natural light, the offices and meeting rooms are located along the façade with the most natural light. The opposite end is reserved for the large open space that houses the workstations and from where, through two large windows, the storage area can be seen. For greater luminosity, skylights have been opened in the latter to break up the rectangular shape while adding width and height to the space.

Chosen for its clean, minimalist design and wide range of uses, the Prisma table is at the heart of offices, meeting rooms and workstations. With advertising spaces in the offices and upholstered screens in the open space, all versions have an electrical outlet to make accessing the wiring easier.

Organised into islands for four, six or eight people, or attached to the walls, the workstations are rounded off with  Bucks cabinets under the  Trim office desks and chairs. Versatile, ergonomic and with a unique height-adjustable backrest, the latter adapts to each worker´s needs. The modular storage also provide plenty of storage space.

For extra class, the offices have been equipped with the TNK Flex chair. Fully adaptable in height, tilt and swivel, its high, headless backrest responds smartly to the user's movements. Comfortable Noom 50 chairs, upholstered and with armrests, can be used by workers and clients alike. The larger Executive office also has a Tabula TAR-30 desk that can be used for small working meetings.

The two meeting rooms combine the clean and pure geometry of the  Prisma tables with the warmer and cosier nature of the Noom 50 chairs. Also upholstered and with armrests, the latter humanise a space aimed at fostering communication.

Enveloped by a glass skin that lets in natural light, the office combines Noom 50 chairs and stools with a metal base for the chairs and a wooden base for the stools, a Tabula TAR-20  table and another high  Cool E100. The different seat finishes and table heights create different environments, perfect for having a drink, chatting or simply chilling out.

The end of the corridor, which is often left unused, is used here as a space for holding informal meetings, relaxing or socialising. Two Noom 10 armchairs, combined with two other modular Bend 10 armchairs and side tables, in two heights from the same collection, add a warm homely touch that fosters well-being and relaxation.

Brightness, spaciousness, minimalism and elegance are some of the words that best define the new Inventory Storage Centre of the Torrecardenas University Hospital. A welcoming space, where, just like in the hospital which it is part of, people come first. 

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