With more than 160 stores throughout Austria, the eyewear and electronics chain Hartlauer has inaugurated its new headquarters in the Austrian city of Steyr. A historic building located in the city's main square, owned by the Hartlauer family and until now occupied by several commercial premises –among them, a subsidiary of the brand itself equipped with offices–, where the company centralises an administration that, until now, has been divided up into small offices around the city.

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Led directly by the director and founder of the company, Robert Hartlauer, the project has involved a complete remodelling of the existing space, transforming the original commercial premises into open office spaces and common socialising spaces for employees. A process that Actiu has participated in together with its partner in Austria, Sentup, furnishing a space that, above all, seeks to increase the well-being and comfort of its workers.

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

As a result of the collaborative work between Actiu, Sentup and the architect in charge of the project, Claudia Mader, different proposals emerged that were finally presented to employees and the Hartlauer Board of Directors to decide on the final details. The chosen solution maintains the fixed desks, in response to a traditional philosophy that is committed to a "territorial" model, but places them in an open space for enhanced communication and collaboration.

The new layout of the workstation areas in open spaces requires the design of solutions that favour the acoustic comfort and privacy of the workstations. To achieve this, in addition to implementing acoustic dividers on the tables, the furniture itself has been used as a separating element, with modular cabinets organising the space.

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Intended to be small "shelters" for concentration, the workstations and the test areas have been designed with the well-being of the workers in mind. To do so, and in order to facilitate movement and changes in posture, the decision has been made to combine the ergonomic Trim chair with its characteristic height-adjustable backrest that provides enhanced comfort, with the Mobility Step table. Adjustable in height thanks to an electronic lifting system, it allows work to be done both sitting and standing, offering full customisation depending on the task at hand.

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Elegant yet welcoming at the same time, the meeting rooms have been furnished with Arkitek tables that add a touch of class. The accompanying Noom 30 armchairs help to humanise a space designed to promote the exchange of ideas and communication, thanks to their wraparound silhouette and an interconnected seat and backrest that provide the necessary comfort during long meetings. With pure and minimalist lines, the Longo cabinets next to the wall help to keep things organised and offer storage, combining aesthetics and functionality in the same piece.

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Actiu has also furnished one of the collaboration and socialisation areas of the new headquarters. In this case, and to create an environment that leads to more interaction and socialising, it has chosen to combine different environments in the same space. A more "domestic" feel, with comfortable modules and low tables from the Bend Soft Seating range that provide warmth and a homey feeling that invites you to disconnect; and another furnished with a high Prisma table that invites you to have something to drink in a relaxed atmosphere.

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

Photography: Michael Baumgartner

With a well thought-out aesthetic, combining different colours and finishes, the new Hartlauer headquarters provide its workers with extra ergonomics and well-being. All the spaces have flexible furniture that can be adapted to the work at hand, in an environment where the privacy and acoustic comfort required by tasks in need of greater concentration coexist with all the advantages of an open space.


We will list each of the different products used to bring this project to life.


architectural elegance

By Marcelo Alegre


elevates your health

By Javier Cuñado


elegance and minimalism

By Sylvain Carlet & Isern Serra


optimal solution

By Ramos & Bassols


organic dynamism

By Cutu Mazuelos & Eva Prego


facilitates movement

By Marcelo Alegre


elegant and comfortable

By Marcelo Alegre

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