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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.

Showroom Lisbon

Lisbon furniture Showroom

Showroom Actiu Showroom Lisbon

Edifício Ramazzotti
Avenida do Forte, 6-6A
2790-072 Carnaxide
1495-136 Algés

TEL. +35 191 306 50 93

IMPORTANT It is essential to request a prior appointment to arrange a visit

Actiu Showroom Lisbon

Actiu showroom in the Portuguese capital, is situated in the Ramazzotti building, it is a meeting place for projects and experimentation about new and collective work spaces.

An approach and point of contact of Actiu with the Portuguese market, which through the showroom attempts to transmit the company's philosophy with a solid foundation in sustainability, productive efficiency, quality... an asset that improves the quality of life of those who work in it and those who visit it.

Furniture for all types of spaces in Lisbon

In the picturesque heart of Lisbon, our Actiu showroom stands as a beacon of innovation and design. Located in the emblematic Edifício Ramazzotti, this space is not just a showroom; it is an epicenter of innovative projects and experimentation on the new horizons of current work and collective spaces.

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Immersion in Actiu's philosophy at Our Lisbon showroom

This showroom is not just a place of exhibition; it's an immersive experience that conveys the philosophy of Actiu. Here, sustainability, productive efficiency, and quality intertwine to create an environment that perfectly transmits the spirit that characterizes us to those who visit. Every corner is imbued with Actiu's commitment to transform spaces into places where inspiration and well-being prevail.