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A new way of living at home

A new way of living at home

APRIL 2020 | 2 minutes

Times of confinement, such as that which the world is currently experiencing, provide a unique opportunity to put what we have learned in recent years into practice. A constantly changing world, that questions the paradigm by which "working is only possible at the office" and that is committed to much more flexible and dynamic spaces. Together with work cafés, cafeterias and restaurants that have been converted into makeshift meeting rooms or offices, or coworking spaces where synergies can be built; now it is all about the home office as a new way of working that has come about in response to the current circumstances.

The sustainability and cross-cutting nature of new work models are now flooding the domestic environment, where working from home and distance learning look like they are here to stay. This new way of using homes blurs the boundaries between the uses and demands of a design that combines balanced aesthetics and functionality.

Well-being, ecology, nature, technology, craftsmanship, art and design are some of the interests that today's domestic, work and leisure environments share. Spaces that are committed to going back to all things natural, through emotional design that not only incorporates elements, textures and materials from or referring to nature, but that also uses the most cutting-edge technologies to minimise its impact on the environment. Materials that not only create a more relaxed atmosphere, but that also provide greater insulation, thus encouraging energy efficiency which proper lighting also contributes to.

Whether natural or artificial, light has become another tool for building and decorating spaces, not only in public and corporate environments, but also in homes.

On an operational level, home offices and study spaces are also being incorporated into the family home, becoming a channel for new ways of working, through the use of ergonomic and versatile equipment, supported by the resources that new technologies offer.

The current trend is to implement processes and incorporate new elements that make it possible to transfer the same guarantees that already exist in offices and educational centres to homes. Choosing a suitable place to work, using appropriate tables and chairs, planning out tasks or socialising online are some of the aspects that allow these spaces to maintain productive efficiency and look after our well-being, while fostering each user's cooperation and autonomy.

New trends in interior design and home furnishings therefore support the need to create welcoming, functional and humane spaces, which, in turn, make it easier to communicate and bring teams together, in spite of the distance.