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Fusion of Environments for the Sake of Comfort

Fusion of Environments for the Sake of Comfort

MAY 2021 | 2 minutes

A shared workspace in which a team session can sometimes be organised. A hotel lobby where you can comfortably write a report. A waiting room where you can read emails from your phone. A restaurant that allows you to have a coffee and hold a meeting. All these scenarios are now a possibility and are on the rise. Because each task is no longer intrinsically linked to a single type of environment.

This trend in which the uses of spaces are fused is the origin of the co-working concept and has been evolving in line with the new co-living modality in the housing field, in which shared spaces make their way into the domestic environment.

The limits of spaces and their uses are becoming increasingly blurred, but, at the same time, the importance of comfort and well-being predominates, regardless of the environment and the task that is being carried out at any given moment.

Spaces can no longer be designed solely to fulfil one function - work, shop, wait, eat - but must be approached from a global concept of design, focused on the person and their diverse needs in their day-to-day life. 

An integral perspective that views the environment as a welcoming space for its visitors, which needs to be furnished with multifunctional and versatile furniture and which responds to a variety of different uses. Furniture that allows different environments to be combined based on the premise of comfort.

One particularly flexible and welcoming solution that allows for greater freedom in the layout are soft seating ranges such as Bend, which allows for the creation of informal meeting points that foster communication. It can be complemented with side tables such as Tabula, capable of fitting into any space thanks to a timeless aesthetic and the stability provided by its extruded aluminium structure. Colectiva is another of Actiu's multipurpose tables. An elegant, simple and easy-to-assemble piece for any functional workspace.

If, when furnishing the space, you choose to incorporate chairs, the Noom 50 may be an ideal choice, precisely because it was thought up and designed from the outset to serve as a link between work and hospitality spaces in any type of environment thanks to its different versions and finishes. It is lightweight, stackable and easy to clean, qualities that are particularly suitable for communal areas.

Spaces – whether shared, workspaces or domestic – have long ceased to be cold and simple containers for people and things. They have begun to be focused on the warmth and comfort of the environments

But now it's time to go one step further: humanise these spaces, custom design them for people with their well-being in mind, while optimising their current and future uses.