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Hotel rooms, much more than just a space to sleep

Hotel rooms, much more than just a space to sleep

SEPTEMBER 2021 | 2 minutes

You can have many different experiences in a hotel room. One where you enjoy resting while reading a book, another where you have an informal meeting, or another where you work on proposing new solutions to the challenges of your professional life. Or you can have all of them at the same time. Because they can all fit within the four walls of the private rooms in a hotel.

Just how offices offer spaces for socialising and the home has an environment for working, hotel rooms must keep up with the times, which are tending to merge and hybridise uses, assimilate the needs of their guests and make sure to offer them everything they will need during their stay at any time of the year.

Hence, hotel rooms have been called upon to reinvent themselves as spaces where there is a place for holding meetings, a work area and, of course, a place for leisure and rest. Because there will still be those of us who use the room as a refuge at the end of the day.

For this reason, Actiu has been working on this new use of hotel rooms for a long time. Two examples of this are the new INOUT catalogue and its collaboration with the startup ROOM2030.

INOUT opens up new horizons in contract environments based on a new mindset. A different look beyond the limits of spaces, beyond their physical dimensions. INOUT believes that everything fits and can fit in the new hotel rooms, which should be a source of serenity and well-being, in addition to being practical at all times. For accommodation, the INOUT concept by Actiu proposes spaces equipped with furniture that reflect the co-living concept, through ranges such as the Prisma, Cron or Noom, combined with 360 screens to separate rooms.

In this regard, Actiu has also taken its proposals to Rebuild, an innovative event that seeks to transform the way its buildings are conceived and constructed. In this context, it has collaborated with the technology startup ROOM2030, a project that aims to create the hotel room of the future. And this has been done by furnishing the workspace in the modular room it presented based on its Cool Working by Actiu philosophy, with solutions that allow for the creation of different uses and environments, always under the premise of a healthy space that contributes well-being to a new way of working, as well as flexibility and sustainability.

Actiu's proposal includes functional work pieces that multiply the uses of space by creating different environments in a very simple way. From Agile solutions such as mobile beanbags, a screen caddy or a side table inspired by nature, to a versatile armchair from its Noom collection. In addition, part of the furniture uses textiles made from recycled plastic bottles.

Thus, a hotel room is created that combines sustainability, well-being and flexibility to become a space in which each person can live their life, no matter what that may look like.