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How to take advantage of the passageways to add value to the office

How to take advantage of the passageways to add value to the office

JUNY 2019 | 3 minutes

When it comes to designing offices, every square metre and every corner counts. Good interior design should focus specifically on the needs of each project, always ensuring the well-being of those who use the space, while making sure that they can carry out their task in the most comfortable way possible.

This means having efficient operational positions, comfortable meeting rooms and areas for having coffee and lunch that promote communication between team members.

But there is another possibility. Make the most of corridors and passageways to create small relaxing environments that will be very practical and that will allow the entire surface of the facilities to be used from top to bottom.

A waiting area for clients, a reading area to quietly go over the latest report or answer a call, and even a space for holding small informal meetings can be created in a simple way by choosing the right elements. Here are some keys to getting the most out of the office space.

1. Less is more

Starting from the basis that passageways tend to be small, it is important to be realistic about the available space and not to pack it with elements that may be unnecessary, taking into account that we must also allow people to pass through that area comfortably.

A side table and comfortable armchairs, such as the Noom collection, is a functional and elegant option, thanks to a careful design. The number of chairs, whether one or several, will depend on the amount of space available. A small rug can help to mark out the space in a more defined way. And it adds warmth.

2. Comfort

Comfort is the key. The design and furniture materials chosen will determine the comfort level of the space. The furniture, especially the chairs or armchairs, must fit our body and favour an ergonomic sitting posture. Apart from furniture, the colour is crucial for generating a sensation of well-being. Blue and green tones can boost concentration and serenity while higher tones can provide an injection of energy.

3. Lighting

It may be obvious, but it is always preferable to have natural light. However, it is possible that the passageways to be spruced up have no windows. In this case, it is important to provide an additional source of light to promote comfort in use, with warm lights that are not too intense, while enabling comfortable reading.

4. Nature

Add a touch of green, bring life to the space.  A natural plant on the table or next to it, on the ground, transmits freshness. You can also choose to suspend a small vertical garden from the wall that offers a better view and evokes nature.

5. Inspiration

Without creativity, there is no innovation. And the company's ability to promote talent and to go further can also be transmitted in these spaces, from details that are faithful to the brand's philosophy. Art can be a great option as a source of inspiration and generator of well-being. It should be borne in mind that, in some cases, clients and visitors may use these areas, even for short periods of time. And it is important to reflect on the image you want to convey. The key is in the details.

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