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Voices of Neuroarchitecture: Science & Design

Voices of Neuroarchitecture: Science & Design

MARCH 2024 | 3 minutes

Exploring the intersection between architecture, science and design reveals a fascinating terrain where spaces are not only built, but shaped with a deep understanding of how they influence people. In this exciting field, neuroarchitecture emerges as a scientific discipline that goes beyond artistic and constructive boundaries, seeking to apply the scientific method with rigour. In its essence, neuroarchitecture seeks to improve and humanise spaces in order to contribute to people's well-being. Through the I National Congress of Neuroarchitecture, which left us with interesting lessons, Actiu has promoted a series of podcasts to contribute to the scientific and social dissemination of neuroarchitecture.

This series of six chapters compiles the ideas, findings and projects of a wide variety of national and international experts related to neuroarchitecture, a discipline - not an artistic or constructive style - that applies scientific method and rigour to improve and humanise spaces. So that architecture contributes to taking care of people. Everything that architects and interior designers have been doing by applying common sense and social and sustainable commitment, now becomes an object of study and academic research.

Listen to all the episodes of Neuro - Architecture & Design

The voices we can discover in this collection of episodes are some of the experts who participated in this Congress. Biology, architecture, design, comfort, lighting, design and many more topics coexist in this series of podcasts.

Chapter 1 - What is Neuro-architecture and what is it not?

What does the term neuro-architecture mean? And why is it gaining importance in the scientific field, but also in the professional field? Doctors Carmen Llinares and Juan Luis Higuera-Trujillo, from the Neuroarchitecture Laboratory of the UPV, explain it to us.

Chapter 2 - Renaturalising cities and buildings

It is scientifically proven that the space in which we live, work and socialise influences our emotions. That is why it is so necessary to rehumanise and renaturalise cities and buildings. This philosophy is shared by Soledad Berbegal, director and director of Reputation at Actiu, and Almudena Bustos, Project Manager for Decarbonisation at Sanitas. - 25 min 40 s

Chapter 3 - Connecting health and nature

Architecture cannot live with its back to nature. And this is something that a wide range of professionals agree on, such as the two who take part in this chapter: the science writer and doctor in Biology Elisabet Silvestre and the director of Architecture at AEDAS Homes, José María González Romojaro. - 21 min 32 s

Chapter 4 - Natural light to take care of people

Applying scientific methodology, University of Seville PhDs Ignacio Acosta and Samuel Domínguez of the Architecture, Heritage and Sustainability Group: Acoustics, Lighting, Optics and Energy address the importance of light for health and well-being. - 25 min 58 s

Chapter 5 - The next welfare challenge: equity

The institute's director of Global Market Development ESG, Giovanna Jogger, and architect Anna Ferrer of CU4 arquitectura, official advisor to WELL in Spain, argue that sustainability, wellbeing and inclusion are inseparable for the future of architecture. - 22 min 4 s

Chapter 6 - Bringing science to the general public

Teresa Arnandis (Lady Science), PhD in Biomedicine and Biochemistry, talks to Soledat Berbegal about the promising path that neuroarchitecture opens up for design and architecture professionals. - 8 min 14 s

This radio project was made possible thanks to our commitment to wellbeing and, in particular, to acoustic comfort. By installing a Qyos acoustic booth at the entrance of the UPV's Cub Blau, where the congress took place, it was possible to talk to the experts who, moments before, presented their findings and projects to the participants. These enriching contributions are now available in six podcast episodes, produced by Lelien and Arkana Media Entertainment.

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