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Intersections, an ephemeral office that unveils the future of workspaces

Intersections, an ephemeral office that unveils the future of workspaces

DECEMBER 2019 | 2 minutes

An intersection is defined as “a linear meeting point between two or more things”. And, in that sense, the 'Intersections' space faithfully lives up to its name: an ephemeral environment in which Actiu´s furniture, Finsa, the company that uses wood as the base element to manufacture and develop its solutions and Simon, the manufacturer of connectivity, lighting and light control solutions, come together.

‘Intersections’ is the result of three benchmark brands in their respective industries coming together to combine their solutions in wood, lighting and furniture to create the best possible workspace. The proof that design is capable of stimulating and, at the same time, creating environments that are intriguing as well as practical in which to carry out a task or a project in the best way possible.

To do this, a pop up aimed at professionals in architecture, interior design and design was created in the Simon 100 Space in Barcelona, with a common aim: to create functional, inspiring and healthy solutions designed for people, that respond to the current and future needs of workspaces.

Needs that include comfort and flexibility, but also the emotional well-being of the people who work in these spaces. A challenge that Actiu takes into consideration at all times, for which it was awarded the WELL v2 Certification.

Hyperconnectivity, digitalisation and flexibility are concepts linked to the way millions of companies around the world work, that seek to grow but also transmit certain characteristics, values and sensations through their workspace. 'Intersections' was conceived under these premises, an office space designed to generate well-being where people can work comfortably using Actiu, Finsa and Simon material, furniture and tool solutions. The initiative demonstrates the potential and wide range of possibilities revealed by the project and interior design of these three leading Spanish companies around the world.

Actiu offers this ephemeral workplace the comfort and functionality of the Noom chairs, Bend modules and tables, Wing chairs for collective spaces and the Longo table and soft seating system. All of them are versatile, ergonomic, functional and complementary solutions capable of responding to the needs that arise in everyday workspaces.

‘Intersections’ is not only a meeting point for solutions aimed at workspaces, it is also a connecting link for industry professionals, who attended both the opening of the space and a meeting organised by Women in Office Design (WOD).

This international movement, which seeks to connect professional women in the fields of design, architecture and interior design linked to work spaces, saw talks from Gracia Cardona, President of WOD in Spain, Marisa Santamaría, new director of the Spanish Network of Design Companies (RED), Andrea Navarro (CGA), Cristina Mateo (IE) and Patricia Von Arend (Denys & Von Arend) who shared their experience and vision about the present and future of the industry.