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The World's Most Creative Offices Furnished by Actiu 1/2 (2021 Edition)

The World's Most Creative Offices Furnished by Actiu 1/2 (2021 Edition)

AUGUST 2021 | 3 minutes

An increasing number of companies are aware of the importance of having healthy workspaces that foster the well-being, creativity and talent of their employees. Spaces that have a direct impact on health, for which Actiu provides people-centred furniture that responds to the changing needs of environments where spaces for concentration, collaboration, socialisation, learning and privacy coexist.

Gazprom Neft 

Actiu took part in furnishing the digital transformation centre that Gazprom Neft opened in St. Petersburg. Conceived as a workspace of the future, the new centre is in the historic House 12 building on New Holland Island. Designed by the Moscow-based Russian studio, VOX Architects, the architectural proposal coexists with the elements designed by the Russian studio, Ludi Architects, and the lighting project by the English studio, PJC Lights.

Designed to boost the continuity between past, present and future, the project combines the architectural legacy of the original historic building with the functionality and avant-garde associated with a high-tech digital space

A futuristic and sensory environment that combines height-adjustable desks for individual operational use with other mobile, foldable and height-adjustable desks that allow the space to be easily reconfigured according to the client's needs at any given time.


In Luxurycomm's new office, everything, from the furniture and lighting to the décor, colours and materials, conveys elegance and calm. With interior design by Ele Room 62, the space perfectly embodies this digital strategy company's philosophy for luxury and premium brands, where teamwork and listening to all its members are two of its fundamental pillars.

To furnish the space, Luxurycomm entrusted Actiu, whose furniture adapts perfectly to the company's needs and boosts the neutral, clean and homogeneous aesthetics of an environment tinged with white, grey, beige and hints of black. 

Timeless, elegant and serene, the office is designed as the counterpoint to the activity that takes place in Luxurycomm: a company with personality, dynamic, young and undergoing constant change, where new stories are written every day.

Los Cubos

The emblematic Los Cubos building in Madrid, a symbol of Brutalist architecture built in 1974 by architects Michel Andrault, Pierre Parat, Aydin Guvan and Alain Capieu, has been reinvented to become one of the city's most representative office projects. With almost 19,250 m2 spread over nine floors, its interior offers open-plan, flexible spaces where the well-being and maximum comfort of its occupants are at the heart of the design.

The Chapman Taylor team was responsible for designing and renovating the building, owned by Henderson Park, managed by Therus and marketed by CBRE and Cushman & Wakefield. 

Actiu furnished the pilot office on the 9th floor, with comfortable and efficient workspaces, where future clients can experience the benefits of the renovated building first-hand. The result is a flexible, contemporary environment, perfect for working, meeting up and hosting events.


The architecture, interior design and design studio, Filbak Space Branding, called on Actiu and its partner, Grebeco Siglo XXI, to furnish the new offices that Sagardoy Abogados, one of Spain's leading law firms specialising in labour law, opened in Malaga to mark its 40th anniversary in 2020.

Advocates of design and space as tools that stimulate, create experiences and improve people's well-being, this time the architects opted for a clearly defined layout, with a central square around which the different workspaces are laid out. 

The new office design brings to life the play of contrasts that defines the law firm. Tradition and modernity, security and innovation, elegance and proximity all come together in a space that is comfortable, friendly, innovative and, at the same time, respectful of the past, which strives to forge professional and personal relationships between employees and clients. A fresh and bold environment, which conveys a strong sense of well-being and confidence to employees and clients alike.

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