“Workation”, the solution to work and disconnect in hotels

“Workation”, the solution to work and disconnect in hotels

July 2021 | News

Working from anywhere, without rush or schedule, is part of a new reality. The Workation concept (work + holiday) is paving the way by combining remote working with the possibility of chilling out for a few hours in order to boost well-being, away from your day-to-day work in the company or office.

Technology and the rise of remote working mean that it is now possible to work from virtually anywhere; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection,  thanks to the flexibility offered by the companies.  According to a study conducted this year by Actiu on Spanish professionals with different profiles, 81% believe that the new way of life will lead to more hybrid spaces, in other words, spaces that combine work and leisure with other activities.

In this regard, 40.7% of the respondents have become accustomed to a hybrid work model, combining presential and remote work. Moreover, 28.4% have made use of these ''third spaces'', such as hotels and cafés, among others, and see them as being comfortable to work in.

Therefore, slowly but surely, so-called hybrid spaces have been gaining importance in recent months, leaving office work in companies in second place. Co-working spaces and cafés are now giving way to hotels as the summer season gets underway which is already underway to boost workation.

At a time when so many people have found a way to combine work and personal life in spaces other than traditional offices, the Workation concept opens up new horizons for hotels and marks a new turning point. Knowing your guests' habits and needs is the first step when it comes to providing them with everything they will need during their stay. What many guests will seek from now on are comfortable spaces to work in are comfortable spaces to work in while enjoying your holidays.

Lifestyles are evolving, technologies are creating new possibilities, time management is becoming more and more necessary. Comfort and well-being are universal and of the utmost importance in any environment. It is the furniture that lays the necessary foundations to make people feel comfortable in their environment. At the same time, they have the necessary tools at hand; whether for when it's time to work, or time to kick back.

From guest rooms to shared spaces designed to foster relaxation, these rooms require professional and ergonomic furniture to ensure that the correct posture is maintained while working.

The Workstation concept helps to remotely balance professional responsibilities with relaxation and rest through spaces designed with efficiency and comfort in mind.

Is it possible to be on holiday and work at the same time? Workation is your solution, try it!

The possibilities lie in having multi-purpose spaces equipped with versatile furniture that are functional and safe. Increasingly lighter furniture allows hotels to readapt the different parts of the communal areas in their lobbies beyond the reception areas, from collaborative spaces to outdoor terraces, making it possible to improve security and the user experience alike.

Work and quality of life need not be antonyms; they must be combined by way of a new concept of space and furniture.

Actiu has designer options conceived for these new spaces. From its Agile Collection to soft seating solutions such as Bend, Noom and Longo to task seating such as Efit, work desks such as Prisma and other chair models such as Wing, perfect for any indoor or outdoor environment which, due to their design and materials, are perfect for hospitality environments where people, as always, are at the heart thereof.

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