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Workspaces to Beat the Heat and Stimulate the Senses

Workspaces to Beat the Heat and Stimulate the Senses

JULY 2021 | 3 minutes

People spend a significant chunk of their day-to-day doings in their workspace. It doesn't matter what environment we're talking about. Offices, homes, co-working spaces or other third spaces such as hotels or cafes should be environment designed for both physical and mental well-being.

At Actiu, this well-being has been closely linked to design, ergonomics, comfort and the Mediterranean lifestyle that has surrounded the company's activities for more than 50 years. A way of life that is born out of light, the sea and people, and that is inspiring and invites you to find joy in the space. Especially in the warmest season of the year, light and the intensity of the colours found in nature and the furniture invite you to connect with the environment through the five senses. 

Light and colour for your eyes

The blue of the sea, in any of its shades, is the foundation on which any decorative style is built that evokes the Mediterranean. Yellow represents the sun and citrus fruits, and earth tones such as beige and ochre combined with white make up the colour palette that is so characteristic of these latitudes. 

White tables and sideboards can serve as the ideal backdrop to reflect the natural light and make colour accents pop. Functional furniture is perfect for this style, with weightless, straight lines.

Biophilia for your sense of smell

Through elements that are an ode to the natural world and connections with vegetation, water and life, biophilia is the source of unique experiences, bringing differential value to new spaces. In addition to reducing stress, it improves cognitive function and mood thanks to decorative elements that include handmade items created out of clay, wicker or glass, as well as motifs such as plants and fresh flowers, which bring a sense of freshness and a subtle natural aroma to the space they inhabit.

Comfortable materials and pure finishes for your sense of touch 

Materials such as wood and glass brighten up a space and generate special sensations to the touch. Just like the fabrics that remind us of nature, either because of their natural character such as linen or because they seek to preserve nature, such as 100% PET materials or fabrics made with recycled plastic. Physical well-being also requires good posture. Tension in the neck and back are closely related to the position we adopt in the workplace. That's why professional furniture lays the foundations for comfort in the workspace.

Serenity for your ears

Great ideas can emerge from a stimulating conversation, but sometimes you need to sink into silence to find the solution to a problem or challenge. Therefore, any work environment requires solutions and moments for reflection and analysis. Armchairs with an enveloping design and sound-absorbing acoustic panels manage to recreate that feeling of stillness in open spaces, regardless of the people who inhabit them.

Healthy flavours for the palate

A reading and relaxation area, in addition to that sense of serenity within the workspace, invites you to take good care of yourself over extended periods of time in which it is important to take care of your nutrition and hydration, especially in the months where the temperature rises. Drinking fresh juices, water and tea and resorting to healthier foods throughout the day contributes to greater concentration and well-being. 

Technology: the sixth sense

Our lifestyles evolve, technologies create new possibilities and spaces must evolve and adapt to these new times. New technologies allow spaces to be transformed according to needs, and solutions can be applied that provide information in real time on temperature, humidity, sound, light or even recommendations to ventilate and cool the environment. Gaia by Actiu® is Actiu's latest contribution to the management of efficient and healthy spaces thanks to an intelligent platform that provides companies with the necessary knowledge to improve their work environments.