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Sustainable return to the office

Sustainable return to the office

MAY 2021 | 2 minutes

Protecting the environment and ensuring that a company's activities are as sustainable as possible is no longer an option; it should now be an essential part of their strategy, whether through implementing new internal systems or by converting spaces to this new reality.

Sustainability, as well as employee well-being, should play an important role in any company's decision-making processes. At a time of change and transformation such as the present, when methodologies are being re-evaluated, flexible systems are being rolled out and agility and innovation are being championed, adopting measures that improve workspace sustainability is a commitment to the future and to employee comfort.

At Actiu, we look after every last detail of the furniture manufacturing process, using recycled and recyclable materials, whenever possible, and ensuring minimum waste. Because manufacturing implies an awareness of optimisation and protecting the environment when it comes to equipping workspaces.

Actiu was the first Spanish manufacturer to use 0% formaldehyde melamine. Furthermore, 85% of the boards are recycled. In the case of the plastic injection processes that give shape to products such as Wing, all waste is reused to make new parts. In the new Agile Collection, the inner foam of the decorative acoustic panels is made entirely from recycled PET plastics.

What's more, manufacturing tables, such as Longo, creates a carbon footprint – in other words, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - 56% lower than similar models from other manufacturers. As for the Tabula table, emissions are reduced by around 41%. When it comes to chairs, manufacturing the Uma model reduces the carbon footprint by 68.5% compared to similar chairs.

These environmentally-friendly qualities lead to improvements in terms of corporate responsibility and employee well-being, but also offer benefits when it comes to being awarded international certifications, such as the US Green Building Council's LEED Sustainable Architecture Accreditation.

During the audit carried out by this body, desks such as Arkitek, Talent or Twist and chairs such as Noom or Trim, among other Actiu solutions, go towards being awarded two points in the final rating calculation. In this regard, Actiu's Technology Park was awarded the LEED Platinum certification in 2017, a step up from the LEED Gold certification obtained in 2011 after becoming the first European company in the industry to do so.

When it comes to recycling, all the steel used is recyclable while 100% of the aluminium is recycled. All cardboard used for packaging is recyclable and recycled, while the bags are compostable.

Furthermore, bearing in mind the importance of occupational hygiene and health, more so now than ever before, Actiu's range of fabrics not only include options made from recycled plastic bottles, but also solutions which, due to their materials and composition, reduce the build-up of microorganisms. Because safeguarding health and the environment in the workplace is of the utmost importance at this time.