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Spaces for work and rest: the new reality for hotels

Spaces for work and rest: the new reality for hotels

JUNY 2021 | 3 minutes

Spaces, and the meaning of the terms used to describe them, evolve over time. In the case of hotels, they are places for leisure, relaxation and socialising, but they have long been much more. They can also be places for working. 

Hotels with meeting rooms or spaces for special events are commonplace all over the world. However, they are now part of the new and growing trend for hybrid spaces.

These are spaces which combine uses and which need to be easy to reconfigure so they can respond to different requirements and needs. One such example is remote working, which has grown in importance recently due to world events and advances in technology.

It is now crucial that spaces are available where people can work comfortably away from the office, in particular people who engage in hybrid work, combining working from home, in the office and in these third spaces.

In fact, in a recent study conducted by Actiu on the use and potential of hybrid spaces, respondents stated that the key future environments will be offices with new uses (65.6%), followed by co-working spaces (51.2%), hotels (39.5%), cafés and restaurants (36.2%), transport terminals (20.4%) and shops or shopping centres (6.9%).

With the holidays and the high season for the hotel industry just around the corner, it is important that hotels can cater for people who need to hold a video conference, oversee a project, answer e-mails or draw up a report, by providing specific spaces which give the privacy, comfort and well-being that professionals need, through their design and furnishings.

Actiu's furniture catalogue includes a wide range of multi-purpose products, with a friendly and multifunctional aesthetic, which stand out for their comfort and ergonomic design. These qualities mean they are perfectly suited to all kinds of communal spaces while, at the same time, providing the same features and comfort as professional designer furniture. The Tabula and Colectiva tables, the Bend soft seating collection and the Noom 50 and Wing chairs provide the versatility which hotels require.

An example of an establishment that has embraced this new mindset of guests and their updated needs is Casa de Mareas. The house, which contains seven suites, promotes the physical, mental and emotional well-being of its occupants. 

Located in Escalante (Cantabria), it has been designed for co-living and to optimise communal life, whether with friends, family or work colleagues. What's more, it is now also ideal for co-working, thanks to a new shared work area that has been fitted out with Actiu furniture, specifically operational solutions such as the Talent mobile and foldable tables and the Efit professional chair.

For the refurbishment of this 16th century country house, all the original materials have been maintained and design trends have been incorporated by applying the principles of neuro-architecture. The space seeks to promote physical and mental well-being, which is also a goal of Actiu, whose corporate headquarters became the world's first industrial building to be awarded both the LEED and WELL Platinum certifications, which accredit it as a healthy and sustainable space.

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