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The offices that the new generations want: collaborative, comfortable and technological

The offices that the new generations want: collaborative, comfortable and technological

APRIL 2021 | 3 minutes

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find us at work", was one of Pablo Picasso's prolific quotes. An expression that has been gaining importance for years when seen from the perspective of the design and management of all types of workspaces.

The well-being and comfort of professionals is paramount. But, in addition, with the incorporation of increasingly younger generations to company teams, the need to configure spaces that meet their expectations has become even more pressing.

The success of any project depends to a large extent on the ability to attract and retain talent, hence it becomes imperative to look after people by providing them with the necessary tools, spaces and well-being. Feeling at ease and motivated is the first step to doing efficient and productive work.
In today's diverse and changing world, companies must take into account the factors that younger generations are looking for in their work environments:

1. Collaboration 

New working methods are moving away from hierarchies and watertight compartments separating departments. They opt for camaraderie, joint goals, agility and collaboration at all levels, as well as creativity at the service of innovation and the project. To brainstorm and develop ideas, having spaces designed for this purpose is essential, with Agile Solutions that allow them to be reconfigured depending on each day and each task at hand.

2. Design 

The value of design, in interior design and in each of the pieces of furniture selected to furnish a space, is increasingly linked to well-being, to the creation of inspiring environments that promote ingenuity. Areas for informal meetings, art pieces and natural vegetation are just some of the options when it comes to creating the best possible conditions.

3. Technology

The new generations have grown up and have been trained with the use of technological devices that are innate to them when it comes to working. For this reason, not only do they need environments that facilitate the use of these technologies in a comfortable way, but also solutions such as Gaia by Actiu® that improve environmental conditions, having a favourable impact on well-being and performance.

4. Ergonomics

In workspaces geared towards individual tasks, ergonomics is key, that is, having professional furniture with chairs and tables designed and manufactured to be used non-stop throughout the working day.


Trim is a good example. An office chair that is certified for intensive 24/7 use and has been awarded a German Design Award. It will look after the user's health regardless of where they are working, whether it is in a conventional office, a coworking space or even a Home Office. Its high level of customisation allows you to choose the perfect option for each user. As for tables, Colectiva, with its straight and proportioned lines, is an ideal choice for both studying and working at home and is a flexible solution in corporate spaces.

Having comfortable, collaborative and technological spaces, as well as measures that facilitate a better work-life balance, will nurture the mutual relationship of communication and trust. This results in a better state of mind and greater job satisfaction, which is essential for moving up in your career and contributing to the company's success.

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