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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Spaces to connect, spaces to live in

Spaces to connect, spaces to live in

APRIL 2023 | 3 minutes

Meeting someone is something that happens every day. But the truly extraordinary thing is to connect. To really connect, to share a moment in which to listen and to be listened to, to understand, to collaborate and to add up.

Digitalisation, technologies and artificial intelligence open the door to new horizons, to new opportunities to be more efficient and productive, perhaps, but the human being continues to be precisely that, a social living being, who requires others to grow, to mature and to get the best out of himself. And that, with the permission of the metaverse and other virtual realities, continues to need spaces to live and connect with other people.

This reality is reflected in the spaces where life makes its way as technological, energetic, environmental, demographic, cultural and social changes and transformations take place. And the more technology surrounds and absorbs us, the more we need to connect, to share and to feel.

This transformative evolution influences the way people work and learn but also the way they relate to each other and the configuration of the spaces in which they truly connect. Places where things happen.

This reflection on the interaction and environments required is a debate that addresses the entire public, corporate and private sphere. Sustainability, inclusion and well-being are, and should be even more, cross-cutting terms for any organisation and space: from cities, to educational centres, public institutions, businesses, hospitals, companies, and so on.

At Actiu, we are clearly committed to improving people's daily lives through a space that serves as a stage for life. A space that must be conceived from sustainability, fluidity and versatility but whose focus must always be on the physical and emotional well-being of people.

Actiu has long been designing and developing solutions for the new third spaces, environments in which different uses and activities can converge but in which comfort will always be essential, precisely with people in mind, in the diversity of situations they face in their daily lives and in their need to establish personal ties with others.

Agility is one of the premises that define these new times and this agility must be shared by both the spaces and the furniture solutions that equip them. For these new spaces of interaction, Actiu has defined a multitude of functional, comfortable and design solutions.

The Fluit chair by Archirivolto Design is 100% sustainable, made from recycled fibreglass and polypropylene plastic. A fluid and comfortable design free of edges and joints.

Fluit, a 100% recycled chair >

The new BEE chair, an iconic piece, designed by Vicente Berbegal and inspired by nature, which combines innovation, technology and sustainability in processes.

Bee, a chair inspired by nature>

Tubbe's design offers unlimited options, as if it were a puzzle, it adapts to the needs of each space and the users.

Tubbe, possibilities galore! >

All these solutions are capable of adapting to different environments: waiting rooms, cafeterias, transit areas, meeting areas... Furniture that helps to create spaces for disconnecting and reconnecting where people are the centre of everything.