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The importance of choosing the most sustainable materials

The importance of choosing the most sustainable materials

FEBRUARY 2020 | 3 minutes

Creating a workspace implies taking into account numerous factors. The space itself, the number of people who are going to work in it, the different areas, lighting points, the furniture... But what always need to be taken into account are the materials. The materials used in working environments must comply with strict sustainability and health criteria, because they affect people´s well-being, in particular in the long term.

In this regard, it is important to be aware of the standards that furniture manufacturers must comply with. Furniture, textiles and dyes must be free of toxic metals as well as comply with the criteria established by the Instituto Tecnológico Metalmecánico, Mueble, Madera, Embalaje y Afines (AIDIMME).

Actiu has implemented a pioneering measure by incorporating melamine with 0% formaldehyde (a volatile organic chemical compound that can cause adverse effects in certain individuals) as standard across its entire range of melamine boards that it uses in its desks, cabinets and bucks. The measure complies with the requirements of the US CARB Certification and with the new E05 standard necessary to comply with German regulations.

All these products share the same sustainable production philosophy that involves using environmentally friendly materials and resources, as well as energy efficiency in the production thereof. Furniture that is produced in such a way that its impact on the environment is minimal, in a production chain that seeks efficiency. Values that are also embodied in the Actiu Technology Park, the only industrial building in the world that holds both the LEED Platinum Certification for sustainable architecture and the WELL Certification, which accredits buildings that look after the well-being of the people who use them.

This well-being is due to factors linked to a good physical and mental state, which is largely influenced by the work environment and the elements that are part of it. In fact, interior design, the distribution of space and the selection of flexible and ergonomic furniture can shape a smart and agile work environment that can respond to the rapid and constant changes that companies experience on a daily basis. The way tables, chairs and bucks are laid out can improve everything from performance to team motivation.

Actiu´s tables and cabinets stand out due to being versatile. Furthermore, they are manufactured with materials that strictly comply with regulations regarding sustainability and people's health. From operating tables such as Prisma that fit into operational spaces and collaborative areas, as well as the Twist tables that enable switching between working sitting down or standing up, to models such as Power that make conference calls easier and the height-adjustable Mobility and Talent tables, which can also be used for various work activities, with the ability to switch between positions throughout the same day.

Actiu´s storage solutions also encompass a wide range of file cabinets and bucks that have two functions: they enable storing all kinds of documents and the elements necessary for day-to-day work as well as delimiting spaces, separating areas and creating dynamic flows in the movement of people who share the same offices. They have therefore become an interior design tool that provides flexibility and creates different work areas, while maintaining the visual fluidity of the space.

Workspace furniture has therefore become a tool for creating multi-purpose environments that can be adapted to every task at any time of day. The concept of interior design must promote spaces for concentration and areas that encourage collaborative work as well as interpersonal relationships.

A way of working known as Smart Working, that focuses on people and results, encourages flexibility and provides a framework for smart and agile work to be carried out. And where it is important to take into account multiple factors: the furniture, its materials and how it is laid out in the space, responding to the needs of workers in order to be able to carry out their work in the best possible way.