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Ramón Esteve Estudio
Ramón Esteve Estudio
Architect and product designer
January 2024 , Valencia (Spain)

Ramón Esteve is an Architect and Designer; one facet emerges as a consequence of the other. In 1991, he founded Ramón Esteve Estudio under the approach that architecture is a global discipline. His training as an architect leads to a transversal vision in which Architecture and Design form a single concept, almost inseparable, generated under the same laws and the same project premises. Each project is born with the aim of creating complete environments through a mutual interaction between both disciplines, where design and architecture come together to generate a complete user experience. 

His portfolio includes extensive experience in public health and cultural works, in private buildings for public use such as offices, hotels, restaurants or ephemeral architecture installations and in exclusive single-family homes. In the area of design and art direction he has worked with brands of national and international prestige. 

In the field of design, his work has been recognized with various international awards such as the Red Dot Design Award, the NYCxDesign Award from the New York magazine Interior Design, or the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum; as well as awards from relevant design platforms such as Archiproducts or Wallpaper magazine.

Esteve founded the studio in 1991 with the conviction that architecture is a global discipline. Over the course of thirty years, a team of professionals has been formed, connected by the search for a common goal: to generate creative responses in our environment, giving rise to unique projects, objects and brands.

Today the studio is a place where architects, designers and creatives work together in the development of projects with international character and will.

In Ramón Esteve Estudio architecture and design are complementary disciplines that enrich each other and that, in some way, are inseparable. At the beginning of any work, all the parameters that contain it are taken into account with the aim of achieving a result with maximum clarity, simplicity, order and harmony.