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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
National Republican Guard
January 2013 | 2 minutes

Actiu has equipped the installations of the Auditorium of the Practice school which the National Republican Guard have in Queluz (Portugal). The origins of the National Republican Guard (GNR) date back to 1801, it is a security force, consisting of organized military in a special body of troops and endowed with administrative autonomy and jurisdiction over the Portuguese territory.

The GNR enforces the law, and is dedicated to the security and maintenance of public order, as well as, the protection and defence of people and their property. One of the most visible responsibilities of the GNR is ceremonial guard of several public buildings. Organically driven by both the internal  Ministry of Administration and the National Ministry of Defence.

The Audit program offers a wide range of standardized measurements which allows, at the same time, to develop specific products for projects as required. Ergonomic volumes, stable recovery and great comfort.

For this project a chair with a central foot has been chosen, anchored on a right angle, with a fire retardant upholstery in blue, numbered and with  termination arms and with a row identifier incorporated to the side.

Furthermore, each seat incorporates a built in writing tablet which is hidden in the side of the armrest which it is folded.

Once unfolded, the writing tablet provides a stable and comfortable work surface.

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