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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
Sberbank Auditorium
January 2021 | 2 minutes

The impressive headquarters of Sberbank, nowadays the most influential bank in Russia after opening in Moscow in 2019, houses this sculptural auditorium. A dynamic and contemporary space that blends with the design of the building in which it is located and which amazes workers and visitors alike with its every detail.

With an entrance from the vast atrium that is the height of 7 floors, the auditorium presides over and organises the flexible workspace now used by Sberbank. It is shrouded in a characteristic parametric frame that evokes a type of enormous origami. To create it, 1136 individual triangular acoustic panels cover the walls and ceiling of this huge multifunctional hall that has a capacity to hold 500 people. In addition, the three structural pillars support cutting-edge multimedia screens.

Alongside its partner in Moscow, Statio Project, Actiu has been involved in the design of the auditorium with its Audit 30 armchairs, designed by the R&D department and Alegre IndustrialTM. With minimalist, linear aesthetics and the ability to be reduced to a really compact size when not in use, its rectangularity adds a sense of order to the jagged outline of the casing. The wooden armrests, chosen to provide continuity to the flooring, are combined with ergonomic seats and backrests made from fire-resistant brown upholstery. The self-extinguishing polyurethane foam used to stuff the chair provides firm support and is very comfortable.

The natural tones of the flooring and furniture, together with the warm light emitted from the linear tubes fitted in the ribs between the panels, help to flood the space with a warm atmosphere that fosters learning and knowledge sharing.

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