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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
March 2023 | 1 minute

Exclusivity, charm and the best gastronomy come together at the CookBook Calpe, a small boutique hotel with only 17 rooms, landscaped outdoor spaces with swimming pool and terraces, a spa and two restaurants. Located next to the Parque Natural de las Salinas, in Calpe, Alicante, this Gastro Boutique Hotel & Spa is already one of the main retreat destinations for foodies.

In order to adapt to the needs of new ways of life, where a wide range of uses are intermingled and where all spaces are questioned and reinterpreted, the hotel has undertaken a restyling of the entrance and welcome area. The heart of the hotel, this space allows guests to wait, work or have a drink, adding dynamism and redefining a reception format that had become obsolete.

Actiu has participated in the equipment of this hybrid reception area, linked to the two restaurants of the chef José Manuel Miguel, Beat (with a Michelin star) and Komfort (more bistro and informal) and which provides the visitor with a unique experience. To this end, the traditional reception desk is replaced by a bar similar to the one you might find in a select club.

While checking in, guests can enjoy a cocktail prepared by the receptionist himself, who is also the cocktail waiter for both restaurants, seated on the comfortable Noom 40 stools. White like the front of the bar, their blue upholstered seat increases comfort and adds warmth to an environment decorated with cookbooks (in reference to the name of the hotel), bottles and objects that make guests feel at home.

Conceived as a place for relationships, meetings, collaboration and socialising, halfway between a reception, cocktail bar, cafeteria, club or library, the space is divided into four different areas, which provide the necessary privacy for a place of passage.

In order to ensure that these four environments respond to the different needs of all customers, Actiu has dressed the space with versatile proposals. Configurations to be enjoyed individually, in a group or as a couple, whose materials, shapes and colours seek to improve the user experience in a sector, the hotel industry, in continuous transformation.

Equipped with a Longo bench, accompanied by Bend poufs and side tables, the first of the four rooms has been conceived as a dynamic and transitional space. With a layout that invites movement and constant change, two concepts coexist here - the organic character and sinuosity of Bend versus the orthogonality of Longo, a priori opposites but which fit together perfectly.

A little further on, a versatile round Tabula table with melamine table top accompanied by four Noom 30 armchairs allows customers and visitors to meet for a drink or to sit at the computer by allowing a more comfortable working height.

The other two areas are the most comfortable and intimate, with Noom 10 armchairs and Bend side tables where you can extend your conversation over a drink or wait for someone without disturbing or being disturbed.

The intervention shows how, through a simple and at the same time careful intervention, the CookBook Calpe manages to transform the conventional and sometimes 'boring' space of the reception into a hybrid environment, which offers an added value to a 'foodie' public in a seasonal destination such as Calpe.

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