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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
July 2019 | 4 minutes

Excellence in design, quality, creativity and, above all, customer service, four things that define the work philosophy of 4foreverything are also the identifying characteristics of their new headquarters in Madrid. Dedicated to the design, management and integral production of all kinds of events, its team considers the company to be one "big united family” that works together and shares a lot of their time.

The project, which was launched 7 years ago in a 70 square metre office on the central Cuesta de Santo Domingo street in Madrid, has long since occupied three different facilities in the same industrial area in Móstoles. Excessive fragmentation led to a change of headquarters, moving towards a single space that improves communication, the environment, operational capacity and the brand image itself.

Inspired by the recovery and transformation of industrial buildings and neighbourhoods in large cities, through interventions that offer them a second chance, 4foreverything's new headquarters are in a building that they converted that was formerly occupied by a company specialising in the manufacture of mining machinery. A space that was mostly used for the factory facilities themselves, with a small part that was set aside as offices and changing rooms, is now occupied with offices and related facilities such as a dining room, recreational areas, an auditorium, a boardroom, a library, conference call rooms, changing rooms, etc.

With the aim of creating a high quality of life and work, the new headquarters include carefully-designed workspaces and rest areas, designed for both clients and for the company's employees themselves. In charge of selecting the materials and products, as well as the design of this space, the 4foreverything team also had the help of an external study to execute the design.

Simple and elegant, the furniture fits perfectly into the neutral backdrop that surrounds the space, with white walls, wood floors, exposed overhead fixtures and glass panes with industrial-style frames. Together with its partner, Lambda3, Actiu has participated in the proposed design of the space with products such as the Prisma, Twist and Cool, the Stay and Wing chairs, Efit stools, the Bucks pedestals or its modular storage units.

With an open space area, offices, and meeting and multipurpose rooms, the first floor incorporates all of the operational areas. The heart of the project and with a high open ceiling, the central work space stretches around a meeting room that's wrapped in glass with finishings in an industrial aesthetic that doesn't touch the ceiling.

Both in the open area and in the central meeting room, the ergonomic Stay office chair with a headrest is combined with the Prisma office desk. With Scandinavian lines and finishes, the latter adds a sense of order and chromatic cleanliness to a space characterised by strong orthogonal geometry, broken up only by the Twist Gen range of desks. An organic system, where a unique system of joints allows desks to be connected to one another and thus build offices that visually are more fluid and dynamic.

The storage issue is solved with half-height modular storage units around the perimeter in white and Bucks pedestals that, with wheels and an upholstered surface on the top, can function as makeshift seats when needed.

Visually connected to the main workspace through a window, a second more private room has been designed. Perfect for meetings or training sessions, it combines the Twist videoconference table with Efit stools that add some comfort and vitality to meetings.

The impressive stairs that connect the two floors have been designed with a grandstand in the middle. It is an agora with cushions in the brand's corporate colours, which functions as a meeting and a socialisation space. To the right of the reception desk, a recreational games area allows employees to take a break during their workday; while the meeting room next to it is used to receive clients.

The rest of the ground floor is reserved for auxiliary spaces, such as the dining room, bathrooms or changing rooms. In the dining room, the minimalism and versatility of the Cool tables coexist with the wrap-around and vintage-style design of the Wing chairs.

Open when it has to be and compartmentalised in the areas that need it, the space is perfect for a company that requires both design aspects, as well as other aspects more focused on performance. Communication at work is essential to 4foreverything, and here it flows perfectly.

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