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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
September 2021 | 3 minutes

The Sales Department at Avito, the Russian online classified ads platform for buying and selling any type of product, has revealed its new image by ABD Architects. The history, culture and atmosphere of the 60s and 70s, with the eras' great discoveries, scientific advances and the birth of the first startups, have served as inspiration for a space that it occupies on the eighth floor and part of the ninth floor of Avito's headquarters in St. Petersburg.

Flexible and with a wide variety of work setups that adapt to the needs of its employees, the new space reflects the culture, business processes and lifestyle of a modern and active company. Equipped with a large open-space work area, open and closed meeting rooms, collaboration and rest areas, a gym and several cafeterias, the new office allows its employees to work in silence, rest, get together to collaborate or even practice sport. 

To enhance this dynamic environment with infinite possibilities, the design combines a soft and relaxing backdrop in shades of turquoise and pastel pink, with details in bright colours and striking graphics. Among them are portraits of inspiring figures, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Pelé, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Joseph Brodsky or Freddie Mercury, that coexist with iconic objects from the 60s and 70s such as a typewriter, original theatre posters from that time, electric guitars, old skates, boxing gloves, historical photos and fabrics.

Actiu has participated along with its partner in Russia, LLC Statio Project, in furnishing this new space. The Dynamic and Talent desks, the Stay chairs and the 360º screens are the models that have been chosen to enhance the functional, technological and design nature of this project, thus increasing the physical and emotional well-being of workers and clients.

Under sculpture-esque light fixtures and with small rooms surrounding it, where people can meet up, find inspiration in silence or make photocopies without disturbing their colleagues, the open-space work area is furnished with Dynamic desks with screens between the workstations and Stay chairs. The great lightness and simplicity of the shapes of both ranges offer the versatility and ergonomics the office needs to achieve maximum well-being and comfort, while the chosen colours - grey screens and grey, blue and yellow chairs - go perfectly with the colour scheme of the space.

Sliding doors, which are hidden when opened, unite and separate multipurpose spaces, such as meeting or training rooms. To facilitate their changing uses and layout, the Talent 300 table has been chosen, with a base on wheels and a folding tabletop that allows it to adapt to the needs at any given time, also facilitating its storage when not in use.

360º screens in striking colours help to quickly and easily separate environments within the same space. Equipped with a rotation system that allows them to be moved as needed, their particleboards and polyurethane foam ensure perfect acoustic insulation and increase comfort. 

Equipped with the most modern technologies, which include the ability to remotely reserve workstations, meeting rooms via Zoom and even an avatar that welcomes visitors and guides them with AR navigation, the new offices are a combination of the past, present and future. Avito's philosophy, "Work hard, play hard", permeates inspiring spaces for working, establishing relationships and disconnecting, which are conducive to physical activity and promote the generation of positive emotions.

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