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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
September 2021 | 3 minutes

The Czech electricity and gas provider, Centropol, has opted for Actiu solutions
through its partner in the Czech Republic, CAPEXUS, to furnish its offices in
Prague. Modern facilities where the dynamic, every day pace of its workers must
coexist with the company's work-focused, transparent and communicative
approach towards its clients.

After getting by for years with inadequate ergonomics in its work environment
and a lack of space derived from the rapid growth of the company and the
increase in its number of employees, Centropol has moved to the fifth floor of the
modern Oasis Florenc building on Sokolovská street, in Prague.

The free and open layout of the original space has allowed the CAPEXUS team to
design tailor-made offices for its client
, which meet their current needs and also
look to the future. The result is a modern work environment, without any strong
colours or materials that could disturb the peace and quiet of its occupants, and
where patterns on carpets and walls help to create a continuous space with
hardly any partitions. Only a few specific details, such as the company logo or
corporate elements, break up the neutral backdrop.

To encourage transparency and communication between workers and clients,
opaque enclosures have been avoided in rooms that demand greater privacy.
Instead, glass panes or minimalist wooden structures have been selected with
interspersed upholstered panels, which favour a visual connection and fill all the
rooms with natural light.

Dyed in the same white, grey and black tones as the walls, the furniture helps to
enhance the neutral character of the space,
through designs with pure lines such
as the Prisma table. The high versatility of this range, with different heights and
finishes, and the option to incorporate electrification systems, allows it to be used
in the open work space and in meeting rooms alike, while its minimalist and
compact aesthetic adds a domestic and welcoming feel.

In the open work space, screens between the workstations have been done away
with, thus eliminating any element that breaks up the visual continuity and
fragments the space
. The same clean and minimalist aesthetic characterises the
modular cabinets of different heights, some of which have planters on top,
offering storage space and helping to separate the different areas.

The finishes used and the natural elements add a certain warmth and freshness
that foster well-being and improve the health of workers. In this well-being, the
ergonomics and range of movement of the Stay desk chair plays a fundamental
role, with a seat and armrests that allow the sitting position to be fully adjustable.

To add a dynamic element and enhance the relaxed nature of the meetings that
take place, the high Prisma table is accompanied by Efit stools, which favour
postural changes
. Its seat is very comfortable while the polypropylene backrest
with fiberglass makes it quick to clean and disinfect this very versatile space,
which, in addition to meetings or small presentations, can also be used as a

In the smaller meeting rooms, the versatile and functional Tabula table has been chosen. Its round geometry and small size make it the best option for holding more intimate meetings in small groups.

Open to the open plan work space, the office and a living room with different areas allow workers to hold relaxed conversations, get something to drink or simply take a moment to rest. With blackboards and pin boards as the backdrop and furnished with the Noom 20 armchairs and Logo and Bend side tables, the room recreates the feeling of an almost domestic atmosphere that fosters disconnecting.

The Centropol offices in Prague are a clear example of the continuous evolution of
. A process that, in addition to the creation of pleasant environments,
involves a profound transformation of the corporate culture, where traditional
offices evolve into meeting points and places for the exchange of knowledge.

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