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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
October 2021 | 3 minutes

T-Mobile, today the largest Czech telecommunications operator, has transformed its former offices in Prague. Actiu and its partner in the Czech Republic, CAPEXUS, have been part of a project that completely reinvents the character of the original workplace.

Designed to respond to T-Mobile's work philosophy along with new work models, the offices replace small closed rooms with a single open-plan area, divided up into zones through elements that act as acoustic and visual separators, and that include curtains, panels, greenery and hallways. In it, the CAPEXUS team of architects has managed to produce a flexible space that can be adapted to a wide range of tasks, where it is possible to work as a team or individually.

To ease the transition from closed to open offices, the space is divided up into "neighbourhoods". Spaces occupied by teams of approximately 20 people and that house so-called "focus hubs", where employees can work in silence without being disturbed by their colleagues' phone calls. With a design that safeguards the health and well-being of workers, who enjoy abundant natural light and perfect acoustics, the workspace is furnished with TNK Flex chairs with a high backrest and a headrest.

Chosen for their ergonomic design and high performance for long working hours, they provide extra comfort by automatically responding to the user's movements without the need to activate any mechanism.

At the reception desk, to add a warmer touch without giving up on the most advanced ergonomics, the Cron chair has been chosen with a high backrest, a white aluminium frame and grey upholstery. With an elegant presence and a slim silhouette, and with a functional, lightweight and dynamic design, its advanced technology maximises comfort by incorporating four backrest tilt positions.

Custom-designed for each team, "entertainment" areas, with a more relaxed and laid-back character, allow group work or small meetings to take place. Ranges such as the Longo, which combines soft seating with the office through a robust structure and a lightweight appearance; the Noom 20 armchair, with a friendly and elegant design, which favours communication, transmits well-being and humanises the space; or the lightweight and versatile Tabula tables, manage to create little spaces for get-togethers and socialising.

The room used for training and conferences has been furnished with the lightweight Noom 50 chairs, with and without a writing tablet, which also facilitate a rapid change in the use and layout of the space. The chair's finish, with a white structure and frame and a light grey upholstered seat, helps to enhance the brightness and spaciousness of the office, and its stacking capacity, even in the version with a writing tablet, facilitates its storage when not in use.

For other meeting areas, such as the canteen, versatile Whass stools have been chosen, with an informal and elegant profile that fits perfectly into any environment and allows the back to be lowered without sacrificing freedom of movement.

T-Mobile's corporate identity is reflected in the design through the square motive of the company's logo. But instead of using the corporate magenta colour, which employees see every day on promotional items, monitors, documents and other materials, other secondary ones have been chosen, such as blue, orange, green or yellow.

The great variety of colours, materials and greenery build a functional and refreshing interior, where the subliminal use of colour helps works to find their bearings more easily, enhances their well-being and contributes to better cooperation within teams.

Combining open-space and zoning, the new headquarters recreate a modern environment that encourages collaboration, flexibility and agility, and reflects the cultural change of the company. Now employees can move around more freely and choose where they want to work: at a desk, in an enclosed room with height-adjustable tables, socialising areas scattered throughout the space, or in the café itself.

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