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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
March 2024 | 27 minutes

Imagining and implementing innovative solutions, through projects that help their clients grow and transform, is the goal of the Broissin team. A Mexican architecture and design studio, whose spectacular offices in Mexico City materialise the design principles that govern all its projects.

Designed at a time of post-pandemic and profound changes, the Broissin Toreo offices respond to a new reality in the corporate sphere, where traditional workspaces have been disappearing to become centres for collaboration and occasional meetings, reserving more individual tasks for the home-office. A project that stems from the analysis of the functions and needs of its occupants, and not from pre-established and often obsolete schemes, in which Actiu has participated together with its partner in Mexico, Organitec.

Architects/Interior designers: Broissin
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Area: 750 m2
Year: 2020
Client: Broissin
Suppliers: Actiu, Saint-Gobain, ATELIER, Automotik, Crista Curva, Dayso, Firenze, IACSA & Asociados, INCLASS, Iessa, Interface, JLS, JUNG, L-Com, Lucineli, Nimbus Group, Organitec, Pisos Creativos, Puebla instalaciones, Sedus, +4.


Based on the experience of the Broissin team in its previous workspace, distributed over five floors and with collaboration areas open to between 6 and 8 people, the new offices are designed with the aim of combining collective work with individual work that requires greater concentration.

"Although the old offices were efficient and fluid on a day-to-day basis, they were less so for those tasks that occasionally required greater individual concentration", says a studio that has been working for years on a scheme without fixed assigned workstations.


Controlled work cells

Conceived at a time when most corporate projects opted for a mixed scheme between open space and closed offices for managers, the Broissin Toreo offices are committed to innovative solutions that ensure the habitability of the space. To this end, hot desk-type spaces have been completely eliminated and replaced by controlled work cells, ventilated and regulated with air quality meters, with autonomous areas for no more than 8 people to ensure that contact is reduced to that necessary between work teams.

Versatile and dynamic furniture

An APP designed by the studio itself allows workers to choose where to sit each day depending on the task to be carried out, promoting movement and versatility to which Actiu's furniture also contributes. From the warm and comfortable Noom 30 armchairs, for the more 'relaxed' meetings that take place in meeting and creativity points; to the office chairs and stools, Efit. A modern design with advanced ergonomics, which favours postural changes and in some cases is combined with the versatile Power table, which can be raised and is equipped with a support for videoconferences and online meetings.

Interior-exterior duality

The search for the duality between exterior and interior, within a space that is necessarily interior, is another of the aspects that characterise the project. "Most corporate buildings in Mexico lack outdoor spaces and are enclosed by glass façades that prevent direct outdoor ventilation," Broissin says. Their offices are no exception and, to mitigate this sensation, they have opted for a design where workers have the sensation of walking through an outdoor space and arriving at an indoor one every time they enter or leave a collaboration area. 

Biophilia and natural well-being

To increase the well-being of the team, in the circulation and casual meeting areas the lighting is designed to reflect the outside, with light that decreases as the day progresses and recreates the natural course of the circadian cycle. In the centre of the space, an urban farm and shelves of hydroponics - a soil-less agriculture that uses mineral solutions to grow plants - add a sustainable, energetic and lively character to an office colonised by nature.

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