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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
February 2020 | 3 minutes

Creating a sustainable work environment that motivates their employees commits to their well-being has been Jaylo's goal in the development of their new facilities in Tudela, Navarra. Founded in 1995, the company that specialises in air,sea and road transport has experienced significant growth in recent years and now counts 170 employees.

The new facility is defined by its communal facilities, such as the dining room and the gym, green outdoor areas with centuries-old olive trees, careful aesthetics and maximum energy efficiency. Jaylo have built their new offices and 17,000 m2 warehouse on a 60,000 m2 site, next to the old facility that they had outgrown and are now replacing.

For the design of their offices, they collaborated with Actiu's regional partner, Equipa2. A young Tudela company dedicated to creating environments where people feel good, are more productive, creative and sustainable, their work demonstrates how “betting on the welfare of employees is betting on the success of the company”.

From a thorough assessment of the company's needs, the new paradigms of present and future work, and the Well philosophy, the proposal highlights the influence of employee well-being when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent.

In the reception area the use of natural materials such as wood or stone, plant elements and abundant natural light, provide a differential value and reflect the philosophy of a company that focuses on well-being and sustainability.

A dividing wooden panel combining opaque areas, planters and vertical slats offers privacy to the small waiting area located next to the reception.

The training room is accessed directly from the reception and combines Talent tables and Whass chairs. The great versatility of this system of mobile tables, which fold and lift together with the ease of stacking chairs when not in use, allow for agile adaptation to changing needs.

With a relaxed and socialable character, the dining room has been equipped with Wing chairs, Vital tables, Mit stools and Tar30 high coffee tables. Together they set up different atmospheres where workers can sit down (or stand) to eat or catch a game of ping pong while exchanging ideas.

The stairs, already on the top floor, lead to an open space for administration offices. A divider made from vertical wooden slats draws a corridor to the office and configures the entrance to the administrative area, ensuring privacy without sacrificing spatial fluidity.

To achieve continuous communication and to enhance teamwork, both in the administration area and in the traffic department, an open plan layout has been chosen. The lime oak wood of the tables and cabinets adds a warm and welcoming touch to the neutral white and grey backdrop of the original architecture.

The traffic department reserves a small space for the so-called ‘fish tank’, ideal for hosting meetings or private, face-to-face or online presentations. The area is enclosed in glazing that lets in natural light and provides privacy without insulation and is equipped with a Twist Caddy videoconference table and Efit chairs, creating a perfect digital collaboration point.

In the offices, the working area combines the Arkitek table with the TNK Flex work chairs and Noom chairs. The space next to it is reserved for more relaxed moments and meetings, with Power meeting tables, low Tar20 tables, Noom armchairs and Cubic furniture. To add a touch of distinction, the lime oak wood finish in the operations department has been replaced here by a chestnut finish.

The meeting room is equipped with a large Power table with a flip top that allows access from any point. The Ikara chairs, framed in the same chestnut wood as the table top, add elegance and timelessness to an orderly and clean space, whilst the Cubic module offers useful hidden storage.

Conceived to be a place of socialisation and collaboration, the office is filled with furniture at different heights. The blue and orange beanbags and cushions reflect the corporate colours of the company, and a silent football table adds a playful touch to this space.

The natural and open environment where this building is located ensures plenty of natural light. With the main façade facing south, all windows are equipped with state-of-the-art smart glazing for total control of sunlight. In addition, artificial lighting is self-regulated and uses natural light sensors.

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