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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
March 2023 | 1 minute

Created to promote the transformation of the tourism model, Maarlab proposes simple and effective solutions that help companies to improve their business model, both in their digital marketing strategy and in online marketing. Its team is made up of 20 young and qualified people, with values based on creativity, flexibility and development, both personal and business.

"When the change of perspective was conceived and, with it, the new business brand and the office, the idea was to find people who understood work as a changing and dynamic professional exercise," says CEO Raúl Domínguez

Maarlab's headquarters are located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in premises for exclusive use located in a commercial street in the centre of the city, originally very compartmentalised, with old installations and little natural light, which has been completely remodelled. MARENGO espacios y formas, led by Vanessa Mora and responsible for the interior design, Makin Molown Portela, author of the technical project, and Jasón Arbelo, Technical Manager of Spring Hotels and who has directed the work in coordination with the designers, have participated in the project.

Given that work can now be anywhere, following the recent boom in teleworking and remote working, the aim was to attract the best professionals to a destination such as Tenerife and to an office that would offer them a common, attractive and multi-purpose environment. An intelligent distribution in terms of use, which awakens the interest of the workers and avoids the inertia that the workplace is something that is their own and stable.

"The feedback from Maarlab was very positive from the moment they saw the first infographics. And the reality showed that part of the philosophy of the nature of the change that was beginning to take shape at a business level was in the design of the space and its content", say MARENGO.

Maarlab asked the studio led by Vanessa Mora to create a highly differentiating space that would provide valuable content for the brand, with a capacity for 15 people and that could grow to 17 from time to time. "Although part of the corporate image had already been created, with a specific colour palette, we had a lot of creative freedom", explains Vanessa Mora.

The idea was for the headquarters to accommodate different work dynamics (individual, team, collective, concentrated, expansive...) and to be sensitive to the great diversity of nationalities and cultures of its team. It was therefore very important to take into account the needs and dynamics of the workers, both permanent and temporary or coming from a hybrid model, who would come to the island for periods of time attracted by the destination and the possibilities of a project like Maarlab.

To accommodate this great diversity, the space is divided into five areas, with an entrance area and two open work areas - one with collective, individual and circular tables (high and low) for quick meetings; and another with seating for groups and another at height for short meetings, with access to a table with an integrated screen. The other two are reserved for conversation and the exchange of ideas, the first, and rest and expansion, the second. In addition to the CEO's office, which is closed and located in one of the work areas.

The furniture, the walls and the arrangement of the elements, chosen jointly by Maarlab and MARENGO, achieve a great diversity of nuances in terms of colour, texture and form right from the entrance, where a Longo armchair in a striking yellow colour welcomes visitors and employees under a graphic design with the name of the company.

Workers can move freely around the space and choose whether they want to sit at the operational stations equipped with Arkitek tables and Efit chairs, whose sinuous shapes bring dynamism and a sense of constant change; or gather in functional, informal corners equipped with Prisma high tables, Noom stools and Caddy 500 panels with integrated video.

To offer the team small meeting areas, rest areas or meeting points for more informal work, Arkitek round side tables are distributed around the space, accompanied by upholstered Noom 50 chairs; and Tabula high tables with Noom stools.

At the back of the premises, a textile enclosure separates the space behind it when necessary, with artificial grass flooring and easily stackable furniture, such as the Wing chairs and the Talent folding table, which allow the configuration to be varied with little effort.

The only enclosed space in the office is the CEO's office, which combines the same Arkitek desk as the operative stations with a Stay chair with headrest and Noom 30 and 20 armchairs to convey elegance and at the same time closeness.

For Vanessa Mora, "Actiu's product brings confidence, versatility, choice and dynamism. It is fresh and modern, and conveys understanding and empathy towards what happens in companies and their work teams, with realistic, competitive and useful alternatives for the different ways of working collectively and common spaces that have changed substantially in recent years".

The new space has been the catalyst needed to reawaken in workers and teams the desire to return to working in situ, without losing performance or some of the benefits that were achieved by teleworking during the pandemic.

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