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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
November 2023 | 1 minute


Oca Global, the international private equity group, leader in inspection, certification, testing, consultancy, prevention and training, with more than 12 years of experience and presence in 15 countries, has moved its headquarters to Sant Cugat del Vallés

At 4,814 square metres, the original building, which had been closed for many years and was in a state of disrepair, has been completely refurbished to create a more modern image in line with corporate values, allowing the company to grow comfortably and meet its future needs.

"Oca Global's philosophy is to provide its employees with a spacious, comfortable workplace, with 'green' views to the outside and where fluid communication between their teams is encouraged. A place that makes the workers feel part of the company and the clients feel very well looked after and at ease", say Denys & von Arend, the studio responsible for the project.

The morphology of the building, with a ground floor and three upper levels, set back towards a large atrium, inspires its design in a 'flagship', not only for its meaning, but also for its geometrical layout. "A ship of large dimensions, where all the crew members work in a single direction so that it moves forward and the layout of the interior floors on different decks marks a hierarchy that orders the space", explain the interior designers.

In order to create a good distribution, where the physical barriers that exist, such as stairs and floors, are not an impediment to the connection between people, a very special space for disconnection is promoted: the large atrium that, next to the terrace, provides light and air. With access from the first floor, it connects all levels and houses informal meeting areas, both high and low seating, with 'coffee station' areas and a sculpture that symbolises the values of the company and articulates the space.

Conceived on the basis of a completely undressed architecture, where only the structure remains, the intervention generates diaphanous spaces that avoid physical separations and where the rooms are strategically placed so as not to cut off the view of the atrium. With the ground floor as the 'waterline', and the upper floors reserved for the general offices - inhabited by the 'crew' - and the VIP space - where the 'admiral' is located; the basement is reserved for the wine cellar, the office and the car park.

Denys & von Arend has chosen Actiu to equip the space "for its quality vs. price, the versatility and timelessness of its furniture and how it works in almost all office styles". With a deep blue carpet on which the furniture is arranged in contrasting colours, black and white, and grey upholstery, the work area is mostly filled with fixed workstations, interspersed with some that can be used sporadically.

The operational area combines Vital PRO tables with dividers with Stay chairs and practical Bucks drawer units on castors to store material and keep the space clean. Modular cabinets of different heights separate rooms, while the comfortable and ergonomic Noom 50 armchairs - with armrests, four spokes and fully upholstered - provide seating for visitors and add a warm and distinctive touch.

The hierarchical organisation of the company is reflected in the location of the general management, on the second floor and clearly differentiated from the rest, without offices and with desks tailored for senior management, with dividers that provide some privacy but avoid physical barriers. Elegant Cron armchairs add a touch of exclusivity, and Noom 30 armchairs provide seating for visitors or clients.

To foster a good working atmosphere and increase interdepartmental communication, the plant is designed as an open space that allows department heads to be in perfect union and participate in conversations and decisions in a spontaneous way, without having to fall into the formality of meeting rooms.

In the purest style of the aesthetics of a ship's deck, a soft seating area with comfortable furniture facilitates more relaxed moments. Darker, less contrasting tones, black metal structures, richly textured upholstery and suspended lighting add a touch of elegance and sophistication, without losing its operability and functionality.

"Ventilation and air conditioning played a very important role in a building with four open facades and large windows that let in unbearable sunlight and required significant expenditure for air conditioning," explain the interior designers. To achieve greater lighting comfort and sustainable air conditioning, the property opted to change the glazing and incorporate very thin aluminium slats to control sunlight, achieving optimal results.

Once underground and occupying what would be the 'holds' of this unique ship, the office opts for a more casual interior design, with a coloured wainscot enveloping the space and marine nods to the sea in the lighting. Very versatile, durable and resistant furniture makes the workers feel at ease despite being 'underwater'.

In the car park, the application of colour and the well thought-out lighting leaves no one indifferent. Light floors and parking spaces separated by coloured LED strips, together with large-scale signage, make the parking experience extraordinary and fulfil the maxim that interior design can be applied to any space.

"As in all our projects, nothing here is random, everything is based on the 'Concept' that arises from an in-depth analysis of the company, its clients, its corporate identity, the place where it is located and the building that will contain the offices. This 'Concept' is the common thread that helps us at all times to design the spaces, the colours, the materials and the relationship between them all", add Denys & von Arend.

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