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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.

Plan by Plan

San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid

December 2023 | 27 minutes

Actiu has participated in the fitting out of the new offices that the audiovisual production company Plano a Plano has in the Madrid town of San Sebastián de los Reyes. The company is moving from the centre of the capital, where it occupied several premises, to a new location that allows it to absorb its growth and reflects its new image, more modern and in line with the corporate culture.

"We want to be known by our name: Plano a Plano, not by our series", was one of the premises that the general management of the production company transmitted to the interior design studio responsible for the project, Denys & Von Arend.

With a generous 2,500 m2 of floor space spread over a single floor, the project has transformed a very dilapidated and somewhat compartmentalised space into a large corporate office that unites the different teams. Designed to reflect the production company's working philosophy, the interior houses some 100 workstations, most of which are permanent, although some can be used for occasional work and work groups.

"The idea was to make the workers feel part of the company and be able to change easily from being in a work group to concentrating in a place without noise and movement around them," say the authors of the project.

A spacious and comfortable place, which favours communication between their teams, as well as providing special spaces for creativity, enhancing flexibility to form specific teams and allowing disconnection to concentrate, think and create.

"The peculiarity is that these new offices are open 24 hours a day", say the designers who, in response to this need, have opted to create an office where the worker feels at home, allowing them to create and produce new and fascinating stories.

The idea of the Backstage - as that place backstage, behind the spotlights and cameras, necessary to develop any show - is the guiding thread of the project, both in the aesthetics and in the functionality of the spaces, and the starting point of dynamic, ephemeral and changing offices with each project.

"The most important problem was to create a good distribution and that the closed spaces and the existing central core were not an impediment to the connection between people and the different uses", explain Denys & Von Arend, who have created a longitudinal cut between the so-called 'ON' space and the 'OFF' space to distribute the floor plan, generating a chromatic differentiation that allows dividing without fragmenting.

With an interior design based on white and light colours, the 'ON' space is conceived as the universe of creatives, a white and neutral environment where you can let your imagination flow. Very versatile and functional, and with informal meeting areas inspired by the series created by Plano a Plano, it is the part that represents the constant assembly and disassembly of a stage or set.

Chosen for "its design, versatility and timelessness", Actiu's furniture equips the multi-purpose work area, where the Urban Plus 30 chair with upholstered seat, elastic mesh tilting backrest and a five-spoke base with castors, is combined with the Trama table

Glass planes to enhance continuity separate the more intimate meeting rooms, with Vital Plus tables and Stay chairs. "We have chosen this chair, which we consider an incombustible, ergonomic, neutral and timeless piece", say the interior designers.

The 'OFF' space represents the dark and post-production part, where reception, administration, general management and post-production are located. The administration area exudes sobriety and brand image and the central open space, in the corporate colours of black and yellow, contrasts with the lighter offices that generate more illuminated perimeter boxes. The management offices are warm spaces, to which the furniture adds glamour and charisma, and the meeting rooms, all of them different, are dressed with posters of television productions.

The operative stations are once again equipped with Stay chairs and Vital Plus tables with dividers to enhance concentration, while the Vital Plus Spine has been chosen for the director's reserved areas, with lateral storage that helps to differentiate them.

In the post-production area, a set of consecutive black boxes create two communication axes where darkness is combined with focal lighting and large-scale signage. In addition to housing the editing, sound and colour technicians, it also has a projection room for pre-visualising projects.

Perimeter corridors envelop each of the universes, as spaces not only for circulation but also for informal gatherings thanks to the large windows that bring light. 

"In this project it has been essential to work with natural light, artificial light - very necessary in spaces where people often work at night - and decorative light, which helped us to recreate 'special' spaces such as coffee corners, meeting rooms and spaces for disconnection", the studio adds.

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