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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
September 2023 | 1 minute

The data platform for the German Public Administration founded by Faruk Tuncer, Polyteia, has entrusted Actiu and its partner in Germany, Colobo, to equip its new offices in Berlin. The team, composed of 32 employees and with an average age of 28 years, had been working until then in a co-working space in Lobeckstraße and was looking for its own office to grow, which could accommodate as many jobs as possible.

Located in the Kreutzberg district, the new offices respond to the work philosophy of a very agile, dynamic and flexible company in terms of hierarchies and timetables. An open-plan space with an open kitchen and communal area, fixed and flexible workstations, and three separate meeting rooms with glass partitions.

After an initial meeting with the client, in which Colobo assessed the needs of the Polyteia team and drew up a design plan, Actiu developed three proposals for the configuration of the space. The final project does not modify anything in plan, except for the installation of glass partitions for the meeting rooms and a slatted box in front of the toilets to provide privacy, basing the installation of the electrical system and lighting on the planning of the furniture.

In line with the agile and dynamic character of the team, Mobility lift-top tables have been chosen for the operational area, a programme that prevents sedentary lifestyles and encourages a healthier lifestyle. The accompanying Trim chairs, which are also used for the reception desk, improve ergonomics with a back-friendly design. Bucks drawer units under the desks provide storage space and keep the office tidy.

Open to the operative open space, the kitchen-office is conceived as a meeting place, where you can have a drink or get together with colleagues, with a compact Prisma high table in black and comfortable Noom 40.

For more informal presentations or simply to relax, an area connected to the kitchen and the operating stations is reserved, with light, flexible furniture that allows the layout to be easily changed, such as the Bend poufs on castors or the Caddy 500 mobile stands with interactive screens from the Agile collection.

Spread throughout the space, greenery also plays a key role in the design, connecting workers with nature and enhancing their well-being.

Glazed enclosures allow the meeting rooms to retain their independence without losing the connection with the rest of the spaces. Inside, the Arkitek table, with high technical features and a very artistic aesthetic, is combined with Noom 50 chairs upholstered in blue, with armrests and a four-spoke base with castors for greater mobility.

The new offices meet the expectations of Polyteia's young team, which highlights how Actiu's furniture, with clean lines, clear structures, and a very pleasant touch and aesthetics, helps to create a flexible and dynamic environment, where corners for concentrated and silent work coexist with more collaborative and meeting areas.

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