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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
February 2018 | 3 minutes

Excellence, exclusivity and intense emotions.

These are the values associated with the Porsche brand. Values which the automotive group wanted to reflect in its new Porsche Experience Centre Building in Shanghai, furnished by Actiu and situated within the Shanghai International Circuit.

A client-oriented centre, which includes everything from working environments to spaces for conferences, meetings and all kinds of events with capacity for up to 300 attendees. The centre is complemented by a test circuit created so that Porsche clients can have the pleasure and the thrill of the "Porsche experience", at the wheel of one of their vehicles.

“The Porsche Experience Centre in Shanghai is the sixth Porsche Experience Centre in the world and the first in Asia”

“An ideal setting for unique events that offer an extensive range of flexible spaces for events that can be combined to create unique automobile driving options. The test circuit, designed and built specifically by Porsche, is divided into seven different zones, each designed to push the car and the driver to the limit. The Porsche Experience Centre boasts first-rate facilities for conferences and meetings, a restaurant, a premium café and, of course, a spectacular display of Porsche cars from the past and the present ", explained the senior manager of the Porsche Experience Centre, Jon Roach.

The integrated solution Actiu designed for Porsche included work stations in an open space area, furnishing for dining spaces and fixtures and fittings for meeting and conference rooms.

Smooth collaboration, efficiency in instruction and effective communication with clients were the principles used by Porsche when selecting the layout, furnishings and fittings for this innovative work centre.

The Stay office chairs, the Mobility height-adjustable desks and the iconic Badminton piece integrate Actiu's design for Porsche. With an aesthetic which is elegant and executive, each of the spaces plays around with the company colours - grey and red - and lots of light.

For the spaces in this Porsche centre designated for dining, we opted for different combinations of MIT stools and Tabula high tables, of Wing chairs and Ikara chairs, which allow us to meet the different and specific needs of the brand in each case.

For the rooms designated for meetings, the exchange of ideas and group work, the automotive group opted for the features of Urban chairs and Vital desks for the work stations.

The Porsche Experience Centre Building has three floors and occupies 4,000 square metres of occupiable space that includes among other rooms seven meeting rooms, a large conference room, training classrooms, a restaurant, a canteen, a VIP Club, a management office and an open space.

These facilities are open to the team and the management of the centre, to the Porsche driving instructors, to the orders and sales divisions and to the test technicians, as well as to all the members of CLUB Porsche, who can request and personalise their vehicle, pick it up and drive it on the company circuit.

This building can also be reserved by third parties to hold private meetings and marketing events.

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