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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
November 2023 | 1 minute

Renault, the French manufacturer of passenger cars, commercial vehicles and racing cars, founded in 1898 as Société Renault Frères by Louis Renault and his brothers Marcel and Fernand in Boulogne-Billancourt, and with facilities in Spain since 1953, has remodelled its offices in Valladolid.

As in other projects at its factories in Valladolid, Palencia and Seville, and its administrative facilities in Madrid, the French automobile company has relied on Actiu and its partner Spacio, an office furniture specialist, to fully equip the building.

In keeping with the company's philosophy of open, communal spaces that encourage communication, the new layout combines fixed workstations with hot-desking workstations, allowing employees to change their working place and position according to the needs of the moment or task at hand.

In this way, employees can choose between the more traditional fixed workstations, equipped with Vital PRO desks with dividers for greater concentration and ergonomic Stay chairs for comfortable sitting throughout the working day, or other flexible and more dynamic work areas.

Spread throughout the space, the hot-desking areas offer many different alternatives for workers who can meet at the Vital PRO low tables, the Prisma high tables or the height-adjustable Mobility tables. Some of them are accompanied by the elegant and light Noom 50 skate stools, perfect for shorter and more informal meetings; and others with Spacio chairs and stools, whose height-adjustable base and upholstered seat provide the flexibility and ergonomics required for longer meetings.

Mobile, lightweight Caddy 500 panels from the Agile collection allow you to create different environments in a space where flexibility encourages creativity, generates greater collaboration, promotes a level playing field for all employees and boosts productivity. Modular cabinets, wall-mounted or freestanding, and lockers provide storage space and help to separate rooms.

Through a process of teamwork and listening to their client's needs, Actiu and Spacio have contributed to turning the office space into a place open to collaboration and increased productivity. From the selection of products or the combination of colours and textures, to the ambience or the coordination of work, everything helps to build an environment where open spaces help employees to concentrate more on their work.

Visible behind glass planes that allow visual fluidity and at the same time provide privacy, the meeting rooms are equipped with Vital PRO meeting tables and Urban Plus 50 chairs with gas elevation for greater comfort and adaptation to the needs of each worker. These same chairs, with a non-return system and accompanied by Tabula tables, create small nooks and crannies for intimate and informal meetings.

In some of the meeting rooms, and to add a touch of distinction and elegance, the fixed Power and Arkitek meeting tables have been combined with exclusive Kados executive chairs upholstered in the same striking red colour that colours some of the walls.

The management area opts for a more 'formal' aesthetic, with black furniture, such as the Prisma tables, the high-backed armchair with Kados headrest and the Urban Plus 50 chairs in the office, which add a distinctive touch. Stay chairs upholstered in yellow add dynamism and colour to the operative stations in this area.

Designed to disconnect mentally and physically from work, the different spaces not only help to promote postural change, but also offer employees areas where they can take a break from their computers, relax their eyes from the glare of monitors and channel more creative thinking.

On the third floor, a highly functional, open-plan and versatile space has been designed, with a decoration that is very different from the rest of the offices. Among decorative wooden slats and plant elements, workers can work or hold informal meetings, seated on the geometric green Viva chairs or the Grada from the Agile collection.

Three canteens with very different designs and colour schemes allow workers to have a drink, unwind, share and even work while seated. The first, with vibrant touches of yellow and green that incorporate nods to the natural environment and enhance the well-being and creativity of its occupants, another with a more 'futuristic' aesthetic, with carefully studied lighting and a chromatic range in shades of blue, and a third with touches of yellow and a playful comic-style mural.

All are equipped with Tabula tables accompanied by a large Longo bench and versatile Wing chairs, plus discreet and versatile Mit stools offering high seating next to a bar, and lightweight round Twist tables with Noom 30 armchairs to create more domestic nooks and crannies.

Renault has managed to evolve with respect to its previous facilities, resolving aspects such as compartmentalisation, acoustics, natural lighting and internal communication between work teams. Eliminating traditional partitions to allow employees to work in an open environment is a gesture to which the French firm attributes part of a success that is committed to generating a sense of community, collaboration and inclusion.

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