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ACTIU Berbegal y Formas, S.A.
April 2019 | 3 minutes

A space where everything, both aesthetically and functionally, transmits the company's new model and work philosophy that it houses inside, has been the basis of the design of the new Walmeric offices. Specializing in the creation of technology for assisted sales channels, the company has commissioned AASTUDIO to come up with a hot desking work environment, where the interaction between workers is facilitated without distinction of ranks or hierarchies.

The offices are on the 10th floor of Torre Spínola, completely glazed and located in a privileged area of ​​Madrid, next to the M-30 and with stunning views over the city. It is a building entirely rehabilited by Grupo LAR, certified by the prestigious international BREEAM® mark for  sustainable construction.

Accommodating new workers, creating spaces that promote teamwork and creating meeting points between very different typologies, were the main objectives of the project. For this, AASTUDIO proposed a modern office design, with a layout that came about from the interaction between people who are part of the company.

Open concept, without partitions and with its four glass facades, the original space received a lot of natural light and had magnificent views, which the company were very clear about wanting to conserve. For this, the offices are distributed around a central communications centre, with the most closed rooms annexed to it,  thuus achieving the level of soundproofing required without having to create visual barriers in the work areas. 

Despite the rectilinear and ordered nature of the original space, the need to create an open and dynamic atmosphere, together with the geometric shapes of the company's logo and the marketed product, has resulted in an organic and fluid environment, where the curves define both the furniture, as well as the flooring and decoration.

Taking up most of the surface and distributed in open areas, the shared work areas combine the Stay office chairs with the Prisma office desks. With a clean and minimalist design, the latter incorporate custom-designed electrified monitor lifts, with a space below to store the laptop and/or keyboard. This makes it possible for both the office in general and the mobile workstations in particular, to always be neat and tidy, ready for a new working day.

In the south wing, two iconic Badminton lounge seating combine sophistication and comfort, with a striking vertical garden as a backdrop, with the management room hidden behind.  In them, such as in the versatile Longo soft seating located next to the reception, workers can meet, in impromptu meetings where creativity flows  and new professional and personal relationships are established.

Different models of Urban Plus Meeting Chairs equip the Boardroom and Thinking Room. Its four-legged version with armrests, in the former, to offer the space the convenience and comfort that long meetings require; and with wheels, in the latter, perfect for quick work meetings and team organization.

After being based in several locations, Walmeric has found in Torre Spínola the perfect place to keep growing.  Colourful, spacious, luminous and sustainable offices, that accompany a work methodology based on collaboration, the exchange of ideas and innovation

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