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The coolest offices furnished by Actiu

The coolest offices furnished by Actiu

AUGUST 2022 | 3 minutes

The concept of workspaces has been reinvented and they are now becoming more dynamic, inspiring places through the creation of environments focused on wellbeing. Spaces where you can perform an endless number of activities, sharing experiences, encouraging creativity, finding a quiet space to focus, or relaxing in a space connected with the outdoors. These environments add a touch of freshness and life to workspaces.


This new 5,745m² space designed by Binom Architects is inspired by English pleasure gardens as places of artistic innovation where different social classes used to mix, in reference to the character of Utopicus as a space for making connections with a wide variety of offices, spaces for meeting and socialising, and services.

Distributed around the courtyards and the main atrium, open to maximise the entry of natural light and with areas of natural greenery that accommodate a variety of different environments, the work areas are designed as places where it is possible to connect or disconnect. As with other Utopicus spaces in Madrid, Actiu has been integral in furnishing this new space.

The new space reflects Utopicus' commitment to transforming and supporting organisations that are moving towards a business model that provides social, cultural, and environmental value. A sustainable and circular architecture project, which has injected life back into an abandoned building in the middle of the city, incorporating HVAC systems, water saving systems, use and reuse of materials, and waste management and energy savings that come from the lighting system itself.


T-Mobile, today the largest Czech telecommunications operator, has transformed its former offices in Prague. Actiu and its partner in the Czech Republic, CAPEXUS, have joined forces in a project that completely reinvents the character of the original workplace.

Designed to respond to T-Mobile's work philosophy along with new work models, the offices replace small, closed rooms with a single open-plan area, divided up into zones through elements that act as acoustic and visual separators. By combining the open space and zoning, the new headquarters recreate a modern environment that encourages collaboration, flexibility and adaptability, and reflects the cultural change of the company.

The great variety of colours, materials, and greenery creates a functional yet refreshing interior, where the subliminal use of colour helps employees to find their bearings more easily, enhances their wellbeing, and contributes to better collaboration within teams.


Just 100 metres from the seashore, in the heart of Alicante on a first floor with large windows, you can find GettingBetter, an advertising and marketing agency that can boast about being a National Marketing Award winner in 2019, among many other achievements.

The colour yellow and some shades of leafy green define a wide, open-plan, single space where teams can work together or separately. If anything defines the work of GettingBetter, it is the great mix of professionals working on each project.

To design these offices, they worked closely with Actiu's Cool Working project team, to whom they conveyed their need to create offices that were representative of their way of working, so as to encourage creativity, commitment and seriousness, while adding a pinch of craziness and joy, in addition to being very neat and tidy.


In Luxurycomm's new office, everything from the furniture and lighting to the decoration, colours, and materials, conveys elegance and serenity. With interior design by Ele Room 62, the space perfectly embodies the work philosophy of this digital strategy company for luxury and premium brands, where teamwork and listening to its staff members are two of its fundamental pillars.

To equip the office, Luxurycomm turned to Actiu, whose furniture adapts perfectly to the company's needs while enhancing the neutral, clean, and smooth lines of a space imbued with white, grey, and beige tones and hints of black.

Timeless, elegant, and serene, the office has been designed as a counterpoint to everything that happens at Luxurycomm: a young, dynamic company with its own personality that is constantly evolving, and where new stories are being written every day.