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Constantly evolving offices: safe, agile, and Smart

Constantly evolving offices: safe, agile, and Smart

FEBRUARY 2021 | 2 minutes

Situations change and, quite often, they can be rather determining. People and companies learn to evolve, adapt, and adjust to these new situations. In this respect, new technologies, agile methodologies, and the determining factors of the ´new normal´ are also having, and will continue to have, a transforming effect on workspaces.

What are deemed as traditional offices have been evolving for some time. However, they are now quickly becoming safe agile and Smart working environments.

It has been almost a year since safety, security and health care became a priority in the workplace; and they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. That´s why  safety protocols, social distancing, density and disinfection measures are becoming increasingly entrenched.

These new uses of space require offices, and the furniture that equips them, to enable the distribution and layout to be easily changed around. With remote working taking off around the globe as a complement to presential work, traditional offices have become part of an ecosystem that requires optimising and improving space efficiency.

Health care in the workspace also encompasses ergonomics, design, and quality in manufacturing the professional furniture we use. A functional desk and an office chair are tools that safeguard people´s health while contributing to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Nevertheless, the materials used to manufacture them have never been more important. Avoiding chemical compounds such as formaldehyde, that Actiu has rid its products of, or using recycled and recyclable materials is also a step in the right direction. One of the possibilities in Actiu´s solutions is the Felicity fabric, developed by the company Gabriel; made from recycled plastic: 7 x 2-litre water bottles make 1 square metre of recycled polyester fabric. Felicity is part of a wide range of antibacterial and recycled fabrics that foster well-being and safeguard health.

Another essential part of modern-day workspaces is technology; whether technological devices, tools and programs that are a fundamental part of everyday life and the new Smart solutions specifically designed and created to improve use, performance and productivity in workspaces.

Sensorising spaces and furniture ensures the right environmental conditions and fosters corporate well-being when it comes to temperature, air quality, density and other parameters that determine the level of well-being of a professional space, in line with the principles of the WELL v2 Certification that Actiu´s Technology Park was awarded in 2019.

Factors such as technology, the need for flexibility across the board and the importance of people´s well-being have resulted in agile methodologies and equipment for collective workspaces, that open the door to a project-based work culture, fostering autonomy, freedom and flexibility irrespective of the space used by each member of the team.

A space that needs to look after people and provide them with the right tools and conditions to unleash their talent and creativity.