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Trends in third spaces: Design and comfort

Trends in third spaces: Design and comfort

NOVEMBER 2023 | 4 minutes

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and in 2023, trends in third spaces are coming thick and fast. We are seeing an increasing demand for friendly and harmonious environments, products that provide comfort and privacy, and the elegance of rounded forms. These trends focus on providing solutions to transform places into more human, comfortable and versatile environments.

¡We tell you some of the trends in third spaces of this 2023!

Actiu Showroom Barcelona

What are the third spaces?

In today's frenetic world, we live in a constant loop between home and work (first and second spaces) from which it is sometimes very difficult to escape. This is where the concept of "third space" appears on the scene, referring to those areas or places that merge the comfort of home with the functionality of workspaces. They emerge as a fundamental tool for fostering creativity, collaboration and employee wellbeing.

These spaces are outside the traditional office and home environment, creating a relaxed and open atmosphere that promotes informal interaction and open communication. For this reason, more and more companies are becoming aware of their importance and are beginning to accommodate this type of space in their own facilities.

Third spaces are not simply rest areas or informal meeting rooms; they are drivers of innovation, productivity and employee satisfaction. By investing in these spaces, companies are investing in their future. They are the bridge between the vision of the company and the creativity of its employees, helping organisations to evolve, adapt and excel in an ever-changing business world. Ultimately, third spaces not only transform the way we work, but also how we imagine the future of work and the limitless potential of 21st century business.

Actiu Showroom Barcelona

The latest trends for the third space

1. Convenience, comfort and privacy

In an increasingly dynamic world, where speed and shared environments predominate, the search for comfort, tranquillity and privacy is becoming essential. In this context, having innovative solutions to equip this type of spaces can be a great added value and differential for companies.

Having modular and multifunctional furniture, incorporating technology and acoustic insulation solutions, as well as keeping ergonomics and comfort in mind, allow people to find their own oasis of peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle. They also offer the flexibility to adapt to changing needs, whether for work, rest or reflection, providing an invaluable respite from the daily hustle and bustle and putting the customer at the centre.

With different sizes, integrated connectivity and an advanced ventilation system, Qyos is the perfect solution for modern offices and open spaces.

2. The search for elegant, harmonious and relaxing environments

Harmony and aesthetics are key elements in the design of third spaces, especially in hotels, restaurants, libraries and other public environments.

Design plays a very important role in the space that generates a sense of well-being among users by providing visually attractive, pleasant or welcoming environments. The incorporation of a variety of fabrics, colours and finishes, as well as the incorporation of furniture pieces with dynamic shapes, not only enhances innovation in design, but also ensures the versatility and adaptability of these pieces to a wide range of environments, thus guaranteeing a pleasurable experience for those who occupy them.

Soft seating solutions allow designers and interior designers to play with different fabric solutions, colours and finishes. They also have a place in any type of space, from corporate environments to hospitality.

3. Rounded shapes as a leitmotiv for an organic design

Clean lines and rounded shapes are fundamental elements in the contemporary design of spaces. These characteristics give rise to visually balanced and geometrically harmonious environments, highlighting the beauty of their configuration and the sensation of lightness they project. 

This aesthetic offers great versatility, allowing it to be integrated into a wide range of projects, whether corporate, educational or hospitality in nature. The focus on fluid and harmonious movements in the design of these spaces is becoming a growing trend, and is expected to be highlighted at design-related trade fairs and events in the near future.

Each Globb piece is designed following fluid and harmonious movements that allow you to create spaces full of harmony and lightness, a trend that is currently on the rise.

The importance of organisation in third spaces 

If there is one aspect that is key to the creation of third spaces, it is undoubtedly organisation. It is essential that the area is consciously organised in a way that makes employees feel that they are in a relaxed and unrestricted working environment.

Organising the space in a clean, comfortable and strategic way is possible thanks to the Ypse bench. This design is inspired by the letter Ypsilon, the 20th letter of the Greek alphabet known for its unique Y-shape.

Barcelona, host of the latest trends in third spaces at the Interihotel 2023 Fair

Barcelona became, once again, the city of design par excellence where the latest trends in third spaces were presented. The major decoration firms came together at Interihotel 2023, the leading design fair for hotels and restaurants, where they exhibited their new products, and from which emerged some of the latest interior design trends on the market that are here to stay.

Actiu was present at this meeting as an exhibitor with some of its latest soft seating collections, in collaboration with prestigious designers such as Ramón Esteve, Odosdesign, Arnau & Reyna, Stone Design or the Italian studio Archivolto Design. These designs are aimed at achieving more human, comfortable and versatile spaces, undoubtedly a collection that lovers of design and comfort will fall in love with.

All these novelties can be seen in the new Acti Showroom, in collaboration with the designer and interior designer Isern Serra, who has designed this space under our Mediterranean spirit and Cool Working philosophy.