Protective panel

health and well-being for work spaces

Protective panel

Self-supporting Screen

A versatile, stable, easy-to-assemble and clean solution that makes coming into contact with people easier as well as managing this contact. 

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Self-supporting Screen,


A panel that ensures users are separated from one another without losing out on interaction and visual contact.

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Whether it be in hospitals, pharmacies, schools, food or another types of companies, workers must feel safe and confident enough in creating a more human environment which allow for work areas to be defined. 

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Corporate spaces

We also have "corporate" protection screen, ideal for adapting security conditions within the office.

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Corporate spaces,

Protective screens for dividers

Universal attachment system that allows the protective screens to be installed by anchoring them to the existing dividers in any installation, without having to get rid of the furniture and accessories that companies already have in their facilities.

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Protective screens for dividers,

Deco Line

A casual design that boosts communication between people in friendly, efficient settings, with clearly marked boundaries that do not dehumanise the working area or hide users away.

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Deco Line,


All the documentation available on the protective panels: product catalogue, image gallery, technical specifications.

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