The architecture, interior design, and design studio, Filbak Branding Espacial, entrusted Actiu and its partner Grebeco Siglo XXI with equipping the new offices that Sagardoy Abogados, one of Spain´s key law firms specialising in employment law, employee benefits, pensions and social security, inaugurated in Málaga to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2020. Advocates of design and space as tools that stimulate, creating experiences and improving people´s well-being, the architects opted, on this occassion, for a clear layout, with a central ´´square´´ around which the different workspaces are arranged.

With its own personality, strengthening brand belonging and identity, the design brings to life the play of contrasts that defines the law firm. Traditon and modernity , assurance and innovation, elegance and proximity, come together in a space that makes the most of its privileged location, on an elegant nineteenth-century street and one of the city´s main shopping streets.

Contrasts can be seen right from the entrance, with a white corridor and the firm´s logo that leads to the true brand universe that Filbak has created for Sagardoy. A comfortable, friendly, innovative design while, at the same time, being respectful of the past, which seeks to foster professional and personal relationships between employees and clients.

At the heart of the space is the ´´square´´ where these social and personal relationships are normally forged in a city such as Málaga. With the textures and vegetation typical of a square, but with the comfort of an interior, the floor is covered with an original carpet that resembles a cobblestone street, while also providing acoustic comfort.

Indirect lighting that adds spaciousness and original cast-iron pillars painted in red, the firm´s corporate colour, envelop a space reminiscent of a typical Andalusian courtyard.

With a typical ceiling, also in lumber core plywood, the boardroom once again plays with the brand´s corporate colours, with Noom 30 armchairs in grey and red. Its innovative shape, with integrated armrests and interconnected seat and backrest, offers maximum comfort during face-to-face meetings and group videoconferences. A lightweight Longo cabinet offers an efficient storage solution in this space without getting in the way.

Decorated in the same lumber core plywood as the reception area, the Executive Office is furnished with an elegant  Cron executive armchair upholstered in a striking red colour that stands out against the neutral backdrop. A functional Tabula TAR-30 table with four  Noom 30 armchairs allows small meetings to be held in a cosy and elegant environment, which fosters dialogue and well-being.

In the staff room, the Vital Plus ST table combines with the functional and versatile Stay chair. The wooden table top adds warmth to the space, and the red dividers between workstations boost concentration. Melamine Bucks under tables provide easily accessible storage space for workers, ensuring that desks are kept neat and tidy.

Filbak came up with a corporate office design for Sagardoy through concise touches and meticulously thought-out interior design. A fresh and daring space, which transmits a strong sense of well-being and trust to workers and clients alike.


We will list each of the different products used to bring this project to life.

Vital Plus

contemporary aesthetics



very versatile

By Marcelo Alegre


elegant and comfortable

By Marcelo Alegre


direction and modernity

By Marcelo Alegre


canteen tables



light aspect

By Ramos & Bassols


organic dynamism

By Cutu Mazuelos & Eva Prego


office pedestal files


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